There is more to you than meets the blood pressure monitor

Never mind the tyre check and MOT, what about your own Blood Pressure and Pulse? A Blood Pressure and Pulse check analysis alongside traditional holistic therapies can offer much toward prevention and solutions.

People and their Pulses

In just 60 seconds irregularities may be identified. There may be reasonable explanations; there may be underlying conditions that present themselves through changes in the pulse. The rate of your pulse - beats per minute, the rhythm, the strength or volume - can tell a story to experienced hands. Did you know that even in the humble pulse the rhythm may be regularly regular, regularly irregular, or irregularly irregular! There may be patterns such as: coupled beats (two beats together with even intervals), beats that skip now and then, rapidity or slowness.

Blood Pressure - our human barometer?

Blood Pressure can be very susceptible to the moment, to your recent activity, caffeine intake, stress, emotional status - excited or scared, and everywhere in between. Hence ‘White Coat Syndrome’, when those who are dreading a bad reading with their Doctor actually drive up their pressure and are found high, whilst they are back down to a healthy level at home!

How therapies like Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and more, can help

As an overall generalisation, being in a relaxed state lowers your blood pressure, whether it is at a high level due to stress, or even if it is at a healthy level to start with. Pulse drops to a restful place too, and this is obvious to you when a treatment has rendered you a little spaced out and drowsy. This state of relaxation is good for you. In this climate, your body can repair, rejuvenate and throw off tension. Repeated experiences of relaxation can  also train or retrain you in the ability to relax. Added to that, whichever therapy you have chosen to receive is applied with knowledge, intent, and skill by your therapist to influence your bodily and emotional mechanisms. Stress underlies many states of illness and disease, so relieving stress makes sense.

A simple blood pressure and pulse reading will help to understand your physiological health as well as your Holistic history. From there, your therapist may suggest the next step - some lifestyle changes perhaps. There is more to you than meets the blood pressure monitor, and that’s what the Holistic approach is all about. Holistic therapists do not diagnose medical conditions - instead they will give you all of the information so that you can explore further with your G.P.

Health conscious companies can book this service for staff. So simple, but it can be a lifesaver in some cases.

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All therapists are verified professionals