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The holistic trinity - Mind body spirit healing with Reiki

Mind, body, spirit - a term universally recognised in this day and age as the ideal conformation for a healthy balanced lifestyle. But how many people actually attend to their 'non-physical' needs?

"The mind is everything. What you think you become. Every human being is the author of his own health or disease."  Buddhist saying.

Too often people are body focused, not realising that the source of their ailments or illnesses are also anchored in how balanced their emotions and etheric body are. They batter themselves with fad diets or a cocktail of chemicals in the hopes of feeling better or in a desperate attempt to scrape together an energy that seems to have sloped away without them even noticing. The solution to recovering your 'vim and vigour' can be helped by Reiki healing.

Every living thing has its own vibrational signature, its unique resonance. When we are ill, or run down, stressed or anxious, or overworked and not getting enough rest and sleep, this finely tuned vibration can get knocked out of synch. The etheric body, or aura, is an energy field we all possess, and like all energy fields it can become disrupted or damaged, which leaves areas of it weakened and unable to function in complete harmony with the body. When the emotions and mental processes are under duress, the body tends to follow suit and become ill.

Reiki healing helps to close and heal any damaged points in the aura. This works by tapping into universal energy. The Reiki healer, attuned to this vibration, is the conduit through which this healing energy flows. Reiki often involves no touching or removal of clothes, and the majority of people who experience it find it relaxing and beneficial with a feeling of general well-being. Reiki works by encouraging the body to relax; the mind to release blocked and damaged emotions, and to re-balance the etheric.

Reiki has no religious or cultural attachments, so it is a form of healing open to all. Animals respond very well to this form of healing, for they are utterly open to it -  it is impossible for an animal to respond to placebos. Reiki is gentle and non invasive with a subtle, 'intelligent' energy that goes where it's needed; calming the emotions and mind so that the body is freed to heal itself more effectively.

As with all complementary treatments, Reiki works alongside regular medicine and should never be used as a medical substitute.  

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