The beauty of reflexology is its simplicity

One of the most important skills a reflexologist needs to learn is to judge the amount and length of pressure needed in order to work the sensitive areas of the feet effectively, whilst causing minimum discomfort to the recipient.

There is a strange paradox here, which is never-the-less often true in this case - less is more! A fully trained, experienced reflexologist hones this skill to a fine art.

Work where it hurts!

We need to pay attention to any sensitivity found in the feet as these areas are often pointers to imbalances or problems in the body. Our bodies are very good at telling us what they need and the feet are no exception – we just need to develop the ability to hear what it is telling us.

Applying gentle and/or firm pressure to sensitive areas on the feet often has a positive impact on the corresponding area of the body. However, we don’t necessarily need to know the why, where or how in order for reflexology to work its magic!

We don't need to know why it is when we press certain areas of the feet, it can be sensitive or sometimes downright painful when there is no obvious reason for the discomfort.

We don't need to know where the areas of the body are, which correspond to the sensitive parts of the feet. (Although finding this out can be interesting).

We don't need to know how on earth pressing a particular area of the foot, can often positively effect somewhere else in the body. (There are many theories that attempt to explain this).

However, reflexology can be an effective treatment and bring relief to a wide range of everyday symptoms. But we don't necessarily need to know or understand any of this. Perhaps it is sometimes just enough to come right back to the heart of this wonderful practice and simply.

Work where it hurts

As long as this is done with sensitivity and a solid background knowledge of all the working theories behind this practice. In the end, as practitioners, we all find our own way of helping those in need to the best of our abilities, but it is sometimes good to come back to our roots and remember the bare bones of what Reflexology is all about.

The following quote was written by Eunice Ingham (1889-1974) who brought reflexology to the attention of the west. She is known affectionately as the ‘mother of modern reflexology’. She took time to research and develop the zone therapy findings of Dr. Fitzgerald and developed ‘foot therapy’ in the early 1930’s.

‘If to every part and organ of the body we find a reflex in the feet, then the extent to which any organ is functioning properly can be determined, by the tenderness this technique reveals on that particular reflex. If upon pressure of certain areas of the feet the person feels pain, we know that corresponding organ is affected.’

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