The art of forgiveness

Why do we find it so hard to speak about forgiveness – this shadow aspect of ourselves that we feel ashamed to own? And we all have it, whether it’s forgiveness of another or forgiveness of ourselves.
Think of the complexness of staying angry with someone else or yourself – the bitterness, anger and resentment that builds in your system – who does it damage? The only person it truly damages is you. When anger, bitterness, frustration and resentment sits in our bodies, it damages our cells and if you don’t make peace within yourself, it can often lead to physical symptoms. It is equally unhealthy to not forgive yourself, staying angry at you, also prevents you from flourishing.


We are 80% water

Japanese Dr Masaru Emoto discovered that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality. Dr Emoto conducted a variety of experiments on both water and rice by projecting negative and positive emotions at them. And he discovered that it feels your emotion, it is aware of you. He spent a month projecting the words "thank you" to one jar of rice, "you’re an idiot" to another and completely ignored the third.  

After a month the rice that had been thanked began to ferment and gave off a strong pleasant aroma, the rice in the second beaker turned black and the rice that was ignored began to rot. He also did a similar experiment on water, and then froze it to see the shapes within the ice. The water that he projected negative emotions at displayed ugly formations within the ice, whereas the positive projected emotions created beautiful intricate formations.  

Since we are 80% water, these experiments help to highlight what negative thoughts and emotions can do to us – both those that we create and those that are projected at us, or that we project on others. 

Forgiveness heals the soul 

Inner forgiveness deals with love and compassion and is for all people whilst outer forgiveness should be done on a case by case basis – this involves justice and order.  For example, if someone has broken the law, you should not let this pass, but instead, let the relevant authorities deal with it, but inwardly you should try to forgive them, as the only person it ultimately harms is you.  

If you do not forgive the soul that has harmed you, then you remain energetically chained together, and will probably reincarnate together in the next life – so that you are able to resolve your differences. If you don't fancy being stuck with that person again, it's time to forgive them - for your sake.
Take time to consciously forgive someone

  • Remember forgiveness is not about forgetting what has happened.
  • It doesn’t mean that you accept the person into your life.
  • It doesn’t mean you must like them again.
  • You do not need to tell them you have forgiven them

Clearing and healing forgiveness in the Akashic Records 

It is very simple to clear any feelings and thoughts around forgiveness, and simply remove any stories about this from our books of life. It is after all just stagnant energy, and we can use fresh vibrant energy to remove it.  

By clearing and healing the Akashic records there is no need to suffer any longer, living in regret for the rest of our incarnation. We can simply go in and easily remove any negative experiences, traumas, stuck emotions and old patterns of behaviour that do not serve our highest and greatest good. By clearing our Akashic records, it empowers us to live the life we deserve, with ease and happiness, remembering the purpose of our lives and why our souls incarnated into our bodies in the first place.

I will be holding a clearing and healing in the Akashic records focusing on forgiveness in September, please sign up via the events page or on my website

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Orpington, Kent, BR5
Written by Melissa Stonard, Etheric Regeneration & Bioresonance & Akashic Record Healing
Orpington, Kent, BR5

I have been an energy worker for over 20 years - I specialise in Reiki (Reiki Master), reading and clearing the Akash, Atlantean Healing and Goddess Isis Healing. I work with adults, children and animals.

I have seen huge shifts in clients over the years, both emotionally and physically - energy work never ceases to amaze.

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