The 3 levels of Reiki

Within the system of Reiki, three levels are taught. These are taken from ancient Japanese practices and esoteric teachings. Mikao Usui brought the teachings into modern life, giving them more structure and guidance.

The first level is (Shoden) and means the 'entrance' or the 'beginning' and is the start of the student's Reiki journey. Shoden teaches a student to 'self-treat' and how to treat others. This is the beginning of a journey of self-discovery, and will continue throughout your Reiki practice.

The second level is (Okuden) and means 'hidden' or 'inner' teachings. Three Mantras and three symbols are taught that aid in focusing on the energy, they hold no power of their own. Distant healing is taught, which is a very western ideology, as nowhere in any of the ancient teachings is this taught. The connection to all things is already within us, there is no space or time,  so no process is needed other that being in the right space and light. Students at level two can set up a public practice if they wish, and also volunteer for various charities.

The final level is (Shinpiden) and means 'mystery teachings'. Shinpiden focuses on personal development and teaches the student how to perform Reiju (spiritual blessing) or attunements. The mysteries of life begins to unfold, discovering how you relate to yourself and the universe. If the student wishes they can set up their own professional teaching practice.

The five elements of Shinpiden:

1. Developing spiritual and mental focus.

2. Meditation and mindfulness.

3. Sharing hands on healing.

4. Symbol and mantra. 

5. Reiju/attunements.

The Kanji of the Dai Ko Myo is taught which means, clarity, wisdom, compassion and the great bright light of the Universe.

At this stage, Reiki is the student's life. You are Reiki.

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Corsham SN13

Written by Jenny Newman

Corsham SN13

Jenny Newman is a graduate teacher of the International House of Reiki and has been teaching for thirteen years. Jenny continues to study every year with her teacher Frans Steine, and through this study and research, she has gone to a very deep level within the system of Reiki, teaching the ancient and traditional Japanese perspective.

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