Steps to freedom

Freeing your mind from burden is the first step to freedom and feeling happy.

Giving yourself space from people and places that bring you down is one of the obvious things to do but is not always possible, so being able to switch off is very important, I will give you a few ways to try to master this art in this blog.

Learning to focus on things that feel positive and raise your vibration will keep you from absorbing the negative energies and lower vibrations which are projected from some people and places.

When you know that you will be in that situation just try to visualise a protective silver shield around you to reflect negativity and the purpose why you are there, and also carrying with you trinkets that give you a sense of comfort and that can transport you to a place of peace and tranquillity by holding or looking at them.

Meditation is something that I do and I'm very passionate about, learning to meditate and spending at least half an hour each day is so beneficial for mind body and spirit.

To your spiritual bliss,

Angie Gillett-Porter (Reiki master at Bearwolf spiritual healing).

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