Self-Treatment for Massage Therapy

A foam roller is a very beneficial product and may become your new best friend! It will never replace the skills of a good massage therapist, however it will assist the work done in a regular massage therapy session. The benefits are much higher for sports people in order to aid recovery and so on, but that's not to say that an everyday working person would not also benefit. Self-treatment is always important in maintaining a healthy body. 

Another way to get specific areas of tension is to use a small ball (usually starting with a tennis ball depending on what pressure they can take) also helps. This way you can target those painful trigger points, and this allows them to increase their awareness of any developing muscular tension. Muscles such as the gluteals (your buttock muscles) and the ones in the soles of your feet are a good place to begin.

With both products you do not need to spend too long using them - maybe 20-odd minutes on the foam roller and 5-10 minutes with the ball. With trigger pointing you rest on a painful spot you find with the ball and remain there until you feel the muscle relax. You then move on to find another spot. 

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All therapists are verified professionals