Right now, we need help from something bigger than us

This is a shoutout to anyone whose anxiety is triggered by the lockdown - although, perhaps that's everyone? Yes, we could all do with help from something bigger than us. Divine intervention, perhaps? Well, here it is.


Did you know that 1 minute of Yoga Nidra sleep is worth 4 minutes of deepest restorative sleep?

Did you know that 1 minute of Reiki sleep is worth 6 minutes of deepest restorative sleep?

What happens when you combine both? What could happen?

Maybe you felt sorry for those other countries but safe where you were; maybe shock and disbelief followed by sadness, anger, fear, panic, desperation or isolation; maybe you're on overdrive, over-worked or perhaps you're over-bored, or enjoying new cooking-recipes-for-one?

I've been there and it was a long and personal journey to learn how to calm and control it all. But, if you're stuck home alone, or with others, how can you find the space inside your mind, when your body is confined to smaller spaces?

I'm so fortunate to be spending the lockdown in idyllic surroundings and I'd love to share some Reiki fire with you.

Maybe you meditate regularly, or maybe you are willing to try. Even if you don't meditate ever, Reiki sessions are basically just lying down and listening. After a few, you'll get the hang of letting go...

Would you like to easily access a meditative state? Simultaneously receive distance universal life force energy to raise your vibration, wherever you are in the world? Raising our personal vibrations cumulatively raises the vibrations of the whole planet, bringing positive and healing vibes all round. You might get inspiration or bright ideas from nowhere, feel deeply grateful for what you do have. Or just enjoy a really good rest.

Reiki is divine source energy, which, by definition, is limitless; infinite, without boundaries. Therefore, the possibilities are endless. Best of all, you can still access these benefits in the privacy of your own home, via pop-in, online group healing. You can connect with others, meditate with others, feel the loving energy and lift those anxiety blues away together, through Zoom or other similar platforms.

For the price of tea and cake or less than a pub lunch, let yourself rest for 45 minutes or more, allow the energy to work its magic and you could feel absolutely amazing for a long time. You could experience a sense of deep peace, a clear mind, love for yourself and others, inspiration and hope. 

Before your session, prepare a warm drink or glass of water then choose a quiet, relaxing place where you'll be undisturbed. Keep mobile devices out of the room (or on aeroplane mode); set a gentle timer if you need to wake up at a certain time. Have a pen and paper handy to write your experiences, if you wish.

At the start of your session, you can ask questions or simply rest, release and let go. See you in a Zoom room soon!

With love and light,

Kathy Yvanovich

The Mind Body and Soul Coach

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London, Southwark, SE24
Written by Kathy Yvanovich, The Mind Body And Soul Coach | Reiki Master Teacher
London, Southwark, SE24

The Mind Body and Soul Coach, Kathy Yvanovich www.themindbodyandsoulcoach.com
PT (personal exercise trainer), Zumba Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Psych-K Practitioner and Life Coach. Personalised wellbeing retreats and Reiki attunement courses www.reikicannes.com.
Online: Zoom / WhatsApp videocalls.

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