Reiki - Synchronised Spinning

Reiki is one of the most difficult therapies to explain to the public, but as a tool in the hands of the Holistic Therapist, it provides an incredible force to be reckoned with.

Reiki is an energy based therapy that, when we are unwell, upset, stressed, grieving or exhausted, aligns all the Chakras, or energy centres of the body. It is as though in good health we have several, in fact seven centres that are like spinning plates on sticks. All of them spinning evenly - synchronized spinning! Equilibrium and health are experienced. If something knocks one of those sticks, like an upset, illness, sadness, shock, then that plate or energy centre wobbles, and perhaps others too.

In this state, we FEEL that something is wrong, maybe we don't know how to settle things down again. In the short-term, we readjust by our body's own healing mechanisms, but if we are over-exposed, or experience too much too often to test this natural self-recovery, we fall under the threat of ill health, whether of energy, function or emotion - maladjustment.

Reiki treatments are given with the understanding that universal energy can be transferred through yourpractitioner, who has undergone training or 'attunement'. Reiki is essentially an intelligent energy, finding it's way to the route of your problem, encouraging self-healing and self-adjustment. Often people who are unable to find resolutions to common problems like back pain, arthritis and even digestive disorders find their way to a Reiki practitioner 'as a last resort' only to find that their expectations are far exceeded. The basis of this is because all that ails us has a cause, and Reiki could be the therapy that finds it. Emotional hurts cause physical change.

Most often treatments are given with simple but comforting hands on contact over specific areas of the body. Some practitioners 'hover' their hands above by a few inches. Even the chattiest, most resistant and sceptical client usually 'melt's like chocolate' into a deeply relaxed state, perhaps even sleep. Feeling comforted by the warmth drifting down into the body, and refreshed and energised after a session. An hour's appointment is most common. One-off's are an enjoyable treat. Courses of Reiki address long held situations. Maintenance monthly can have significant benefits in off setting today's stressful lifestyle.

You have nothing to lose but your doubt. See that turn to incredulity...

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