Reiki for the festive period and into 2015

This is a time of year when anxiety, stress, loneliness, sadness or depression may develop or escalate. However you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Therapists often report throughout December and January that they receive a surge in the number of enquiries from people wanting treatments to help them with their emotional well-being.

This is an unusually intense time of year. In the media, there is a portrayal of a vibrant party spirit and celebratory atmosphere. From November you can't go anywhere without being reminded of Christmas;  so if you are not feeling full of glad tidings and seasonal spirit, your thoughts and feelings can become more intense.

Also it is a time of stark contrasts; the majority of our homes and streets are adorned with sparkling lights, making them feel brighter in comparison to the seasonal darker weather. There is a frenzy of shopping mania resulting in tempers fraying over limited car parking spaces and bouts of rage being displayed in food aisles and checkout queues. It can bring out the worst character traits in some, yet it is meant to be the season of goodwill.

There is a huge emotional burden felt by many to provide and have the perfect Christmas. To gift the Christmas presents which everyone receives in sheer delight, to cook meals a chef would be proud of and to provide a Christmas for their nearest and dearest to fondly remember. People can begin to feel anxious and stressed with such high standards to aim for; which is not helped if they have a family member’s perceived or actual judgemental views to contend with.

To add to the cocktail of emotions, we often celebrate the period with people who may be, putting it politely, not to our liking. At Christmas we may feel the pressure to associate with the disruptive or unappreciated relative, work colleague or acquaintance whom we may spend all year avoiding.

For those who live alone or have suffered the loss of a loved one through separation, divorce or death, the deluge of Christmas cheer can become unbearable. It can become a period of sadness, melancholy over unfulfilled dreams and for some depression. It may start to feel like a never ending dark tunnel.

Many clients come to see Reiki therapists during these times. Reiki healing appears to offer the emotional calmness and support which they feel they need. Many report that it makes them feel more emotionally grounded and in control. That they feel more positive and able to cope with their daily lives and the outside world. 

Reiki healing may offer you the help you are seeking to support you on your journey forward into hopefully a brighter and more emotionally positive 2015.

Kindest regards

Julia at Culcheth Healing, Culcheth

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Warrington, Cheshire, WA3
Written by Julia Trickett, Highly Experienced Reiki Master Teacher. Distance Healer
Warrington, Cheshire, WA3

Julia is a fully trained Reiki Master/teacher and Energy Healer based in a small Cheshire village near to Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool. Clients come to see her from across the North West, often from the recommendation of others.

She writes daily health and energy tips on her Facebook and Twitter pages as well as articles for her website

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All therapists are verified professionals

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