Reiki – even during social distancing

Many people have heard of the energy therapy known as Reiki, and word is spreading all the time about the warm, comforting feeling of a session with a qualified and experienced practitioner. However, there are times when it isn't easy or convenient to attend a session in person - and in these days of social distancing and isolation, it is, of course, completely impossible!


Fortunately, there is a way to access the benefits of Reiki, even now...

As practitioners, we learn how to offer Reiki remotely - sharing this gentle, supportive energy without the need for touch or physical proximity.

What is Reiki and how might it help me now?

I understand Reiki to be the life force energy that vibrates within all living things.  Connecting with it brings feelings of deep relaxation. It is this profound relaxation that allows our systems to reset and function as they should, helping our bodies and minds to replenish and refocus.

Reiki is not oppositional - that is, it isn't used to "fix" or get rid of a specific ailment.  Instead, it is supportive of all the body's systems, gently encouraging them from a state of 'fight, flight or freeze' to a more helpful mode of 'rest, digest and repair'.

Over the years of training and practice, all Reiki practitioners have learned to connect deeply with that beautiful vibration and to help others to access it, too.

How does this happen?

The simplest way to share Reiki is, of course, by light touch and most people who have experienced Reiki will talk about the unusual warmth they feel from the practitioner's hands. There may be gentle music and dim lighting as well as soft pillows and cosy blankets, all adding to the overall experience of relaxation.

A typical distant Reiki session will be something like this:

At a pre-arranged time, the client will rest in a quiet, warm and comfortable place. You may like to play some favourite soft music of your own - or just to lie quietly. The client's job is incredibly easy - the only requirement is to lie there and breathe...

Meanwhile, the therapist will have prepared and begun the process, through meditation, of connecting with Reiki and, at the agreed time, with you. The therapist will maintain this connection with you for the duration - which is often about 30 minutes.

Afterwards, the therapist may note down any impressions from the session and send these to you by email, for you to compare with your experiences. You may also want to let the therapist know how you found it.

How do clients feel during and after a distant Reiki session?

I've been on the receiving end of distant Reiki myself. Once, when I had flu, a Reiki Master friend kindly sent Reiki to me and I remember the aches and pains easing, as I drifted off for a welcome snooze. Here are some descriptions from people after their first experiences of distant Reiki:

"Making the time to relax and be open to receiving was very different to just resting on the bed. I was already on the bed resting; I was quite cold and noticed I warmed up quickly. I was very aware of an aura of colours. I was also aware of a lovely, gentle rocking feeling. I experienced that tired, relaxed healing experience as if I had come to the therapy room. Went to bed early."

"It was so calming and relaxing, but the main thing was that I knew when the therapist had started because, like the therapist, I experienced these lovely blues and purples; it was so calming, as if I was watching a heartbeat and in no time at all, I felt my body relax, suddenly I heard none of the outside sounds. Although I didn't feel the usual heat, my face, and then later my back - which has been playing up - felt warm and smoothed. I also nodded off - proof of the relaxation, as I felt wide awake at the start and then I felt the feeling I only get after Reiki, which is hard to explain - but calmed and at peace."

Many Reiki practitioners will be happy to be approached for distant Reiki in these unprecedented times of isolation and lockdown. As you can see from the comments above, the gentle, supportive energy of Reiki can reach across the social distancing divides, so why not consider trying it for yourself?

You can find a qualified Reiki practitioner by searching Therapy Directory.

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