Reiki: Connecting to the many 'Aspects of Love'

Reiki, as the universal life-force energy, is usually considered as love. Love that is, in all its myriad forms. Learning and practising Reiki helps us to connect to the broader, deeper, sense of love that comes through being ‘in love’ in true meaning of the word.

There are manifestations of love in the world. It is Universal, everywhere, expressed in innumerable ways. We just tend to give it different names depending on who or what we're loving, from Motherly Love and Brotherly Love to Community Spirit and Love of Nature. Reiki helps us to appreciate and flow with all these ‘aspects of love’

For example, the world of plants, trees and flowers has always been a fascination of mine. Reiki has further heightened my appreciation of all things natural: the magic of seeds sprouting in spring, the ebb and flow of waves on a beach, the wonder of a sunset and beauty of a butterfly. Yes, this awe of the natural world is another form of love, another example of Reiki, the life-force, in operation.

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Bristol, BS8

Written by Keith Beasley

Bristol, BS8

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