Pondering on personal freedom

I was thinking about the idea of freedom and what it really means. I guess it means different things to different people, however there is one thing for sure... freedom cannot be granted to you by a government, a country, a friend or a relative. The only way to truly find freedom is to accept the truth of who you are without doubt and without fear. An interesting fact is that true leadership is a benevolent energy and it always looks for the good of the whole. Are you ready to release your fear and doubt and become your own personal benevolent leader?

Releasing fear and doubt = freedom

Clinging to doubt in any form causes indecision... this is a form of fear. The questions that are worth asking yourself are ‘Why do I doubt?’ and ‘What am I so afraid of?’. It is not the answer that you give that is important... it is the energy of the answer. What is it that you are focused on? Do you one - pay more attention to the primary energies of chaos, fear, doubt, ill health and depression, or two - are you surrounding yourself with love, joy and peace? If you find yourself expressing yourself each day in the first way, then it is time to make a change. Stop hiding from your truth.

This is where working with a therapist can be so very helpful. It is hard for us to acknowledge what personal fears/doubts we have deep within. Quite often it is so deep within our unconscious mind that we can’t see it, and therefore it is really useful to have someone hold you in a safe place while you adventure deep within your ego exploring your concerns and feelings. A therapist will be a good listener and can offer you the chance to challenge your perceptions of how you live your life. They can give you tools and guidance enabling you to understand how you can make positive changes to your life, relationships, health and ultimately gain knowledge about your true self.

A good therapist will open your awareness to new and different ways of thinking about you... encouraging you to move through your life with less effort, fear, doubt, drama and chaos by bringing in more fun and harmony. You know the answers deep within... the therapist is there only as the facilitator of this knowledge, to gently bring it to the surface and awaken your clarity.

When we are able to acknowledge these energies of doubt and fear then we are able to open the way to finding our self-acceptance and self-love. Deep within the energy of this we find our true authenticity, and this is the place where doubt cannot exist. Where there is no fear/doubt there is true freedom...

Your freedom to be you… claimed by you… not given to you by anyone else! Your personal power… your trust in the benevolent energy.

So... Stop vacillating, make a decision to find a therapist to suit you and reclaim your personal freedom!

Remember.. it is never too late to change... you always have a choice. When we all come from a place of love and joy rather than fear and doubt we become a community and then we can learn to support each other. That way everybody gains - a win win scenario in my mind.

So find your way to release your doubt and fear and bring happiness and peace to those who surround you rather than chaos, fear and doubt.

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