Mindfulness and flower essences

It is very important to share useful information with others. Not just because you do, have, make or work, but many of us didn’t have the opportunity to experience, or the way that healthcare service in the UK always offered treatments and tablets free of charge, hiding many complementary treatments; maybe because they are not free of charge or simply because people do not remember them at all, and with the time, they became unknown or hidden in the fog.

I really enjoy writing, and in Brazilian Portuguese, I write a lot and it is so much easy to write in your own native language. Now, after six years of living in the UK, I became more self-confident to do it in English as well. I am improving every time that I do, so, please, forgive my mistakes in English. Thank you.

Let’s start...

Today I bought other flower essence systems, moving forward after the introduction of Bach Flower remedies in my previous article.

Florais de Saint Germain Flower Essences System is a very popular brand in Brazil, as the Bach Flowers remedies are over there too. Bach Flower Remedies opened many doors to develop/find new essences; our rich nature has a stunning range of flowers, and every single one opens their petals to show their faces with a smile, saying "let me help you today!".

Our agitated life, asking so much for our mind, constantly looking at phones, computers, windows shops, adverts, traffic, bills...

Always thinking and thinking...

Mindfulness helps us to disconnect for a while from all this mess around us, bringing us together in this quiet moment... living the now, focusing in our present moment and resting our mind, balancing and calming.

We know how beneficial mindfulness is, bringing many health benefits if we can practice every day. But to develop this practice in the beginning is very hard. It is hard to disconnect from the external world and quiet our internal conversation.

In that moment, Florais de Saint Germain Flower Essences can help us, bringing focus, peace and calm. We can acknowledge for our moment now, our feelings, thought, and stress.

A special combination of five flower essences:

  • Geranio (geranium) – giving us focus.
  • Cidreira (lemongrass) - calming our mind, our thoughts.
  • Begonia – connecting us with our inner self.
  • Indica - opening our intuition.
  • Incensum - supporting us to connect with the pure energy source.

Be brave and start! We are not alone in this beautiful journey called life.

Thank you,


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