Improve your posture with the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is well known for helping with back ache and recent medical studies have proved that back ache can be significantly improved with a course of lessons. But why wait until you are in pain? A course of Alexander lessons will help to improve your posture and not only will you look better (rounded shoulders and a stoop are not attractive!) but also move better too.

Improving the way that you use your body can have significant impact on your health by reducing tension and avoiding strains. Be that when out walking, sitting at a computer, running or participating in sports.

The lessons last about 40-45 minutes and involves gentle hands on work with an Alexander Teacher.  The teacher will guide you in simple everyday movements i.e. getting in and out of a chair. The lesson also involves lying on a teaching table whilst the teacher, using their hands, gently encourages you to release deeply held muscular tension (many pupils favourite part of the lesson!).  Often pupils leave the lesson feeling as if they have grown, as tightness and tension has released.

Lessons are suitable for all ages and conditions. To find out more talk to an Alexander Teacher in your area.

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All therapists are verified professionals