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How to survive Christmas? Tip no.3 - surround yourself with positive energy

In my countdown to Christmas, I published my first two tips to survive Christmas. So, you started looking for a massage therapist available when you are free, and you’re thinking of how to bring more joy into your life. Intent is good. Now let’s make things happen with tip no.3.

My tip no.3: Surround yourself with positive energy. What is that? Find out more...

Every day you mean to book this massage, but you don’t get round to it as work is so hectic. You manage a 15-minute chair massage session in the office, but you’re hit with a tsunami wave of calls and emails as soon as you get back to your desk: the benefits of that taster massage are soon forgotten.

You know what brings you joy - kind of. You went to the pub to unwind as it makes you happy. It is short-lived: Christmas is less than a month away and you still need to do the laminate flooring in the spare bedroom. You find yourself in a pattern of virtual interval running, a little boost to your well-being / back to that mountain to climb. If this is you, surrounding yourself with positive energy will inspire you, motivate and sustain you, evening out the peaks and troughs of the Christmas frenzy.

So my tip no.3 on how to survive Christmas is to surround yourself with positive energy - as often as you can. It will help you optimise the benefits of massage, or any other activity that you enjoy. Yes, you need to return to that dreary place, get on the tube, unpack that laminate flooring (if you’ve bought it already)...This energy will help you ride the wave.

Do you find positive energy at work and at home?... If things have gone a little stale around you, go and look for new sources of positive energy.

Shake off the gloom. Listen to your album of the moment, and notice how energized you feel, how you want to get out there and...Do what?

You have dreams and intentions. Meet like-minded people. Find yourself a champion who believes in you, and is not going to put a damper on your ideas; a good listener who will revive your buzz to make things happen.

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