How to survive Christmas? Tip no.2

In my countdown to Christmas, I published my no.1 tip to survive Christmas - have a massage.

Today, I am sharing with you my tip no.2, bring joy to your life. How? Find out more...

With all the chores to do on top of your “normal” week, no wonder it seems as if you have little to no time, to do what you enjoy.

My tip no.2 on how to survive Christmas, is bring joy to your life. Make yourself happy, without adding pressure to your schedule. Whether you manage to fit in 1 hour a week of an activity that you enjoy, or 10 minutes a day, bringing joy to your life is all part of valuing your well-being. When you privilege your well-being, you give your body and your mind a chance to function in better harmony. In turn, all those chores to get through, will seem more bearable. You might also find that you won’t fall ill with flu on Christmas Eve this year, as improving your well-being also boosts your immune system. And for the lucky ones who are “just chilling” over Christmas, you will enjoy even more time for activities that make you Happy.

Would I be putting some of you on the spot if I asked you “what brings you joy?”

You don’t have to tell me, but I will welcome comments from the brave ones among you who will share what makes them happy.

Perhaps you know what brings you joy, or what would make you happy, if only... but right now you can’t seem to see the woods for the trees, let alone think how to bring joy to your hectic life.

Here’s a little exercise. It could help you rethink the time you have in a day, and how you could spend it on what brings you Joy. It is straight out of Nick Williams’ book “The Work We Were Born To Do”.

  • “Add up how much time you spend thinking about what you don’t like about your existing work situation,” (I would add: whatever you don’t like in your existence right now) “how badly you are treated, how bad things are. And how do you feel on these occasions?”
  • “By contrast, how much time and energy do you spend being creative, thinking up new ideas, imagining new possibilities?”
  • “What do you want to find in your working life?” (again, feel free to expand on whatever you would like to find in your overall existence), “and what do you spend most time and energy looking at and for? Are they the same, or are they different?”

By reshuffling time, and bringing the spotlight on what brings you joy, you will find the time to make yourself happy during the festive season.

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