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How to survive Christmas? Tip no.1 - have a massage!

You've been shopping all day, and now you're ready to drop.

Everywhere you turn, you see Christmas lights, noisy streets and the simple idea of fighting your way through the crowd, makes you weak at the knees.

Christmas can be the most exciting time of year, but it can also add to your many daily pressures, financially, physically,  and emotionally.

Whether you're wondering how to survive Christmas, or avoid it altogether, our no.1 tip - have a massage.

We could write a whole list of why a massage is good for you, but if you’re reading this at work, your boss could be looking over your shoulder any minute now, you’re shopping online at the same time, wondering what to buy for dinner tonight, and you need to prepare for this meeting in 25 minutes; so, we will KISS it for you (by which we mean “Keep It SimpleS” – of course).

  • Massage helps you de-stress.
  • Massage helps boost your immune system.
  • Massage alleviates fatigue.

No more queues. No more headaches about what to buy for the man who has everything. Just you, a peaceful therapy room, and a Warm Bamboo Massage: Let the soothing heat ebb deep into your muscles. Feel the tension roll away from your lower back and shoulders. Lighten the load on your weary feet. Clear your head into appeasing relaxation.

So to avoid looking haggard on Christmas Day, and feeling ran to the ground by Boxing Day, have a massage.

Improve your well-being. Feel good this Christmas.

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