How to get the most from your reflex touch treatment

Your reflex touch appointment is one hour each month that you do something positive and nurturing for you.

Making time for ourselves can be a challenge in our frantic modern life. Many clients say they find it easier to book their next appointment straight away or else ‘life’ just gets in the way.

Because I understand that for some of us it is such an achievement just to have managed to book a regular hour for ourselves, I thought I would share ways that you can get the most benefits out of your reflex touch treatment.

This is the first in a series which I hope will help you to continue to enjoy and benefit from your regular reflex touch experience.

Plan the 24 hours after your treatment

Your reflex touch treatment encourages your body to work a little harder. For the body to carry out essential cleaning, clearing and building takes time and energy.

So the 24 hours after your treatment are very important.

If you are working with reflex touch to help balance a health issue then to get the most benefits you need to also plan as much rest and quiet time immediately after your treatment.

  • Avoid alcohol that evening as it interferes with essential repairs that take place during sleep. Keep hydrated with water, herb teas, and reduce caffeine and sugary drinks.
  • Some people feel very tired for 24 hours after a treatment and then find they pick up and feel much better. To help this process an early quiet night gives the body a chance to continue repairing.

This is the night to plan that soak in the bath, an evening chilling with a good film or book followed by an early night. If this is not normal for you then try to make this the one evening a month that you try to plan this.

Research and studies show that going to bed early and getting up early keep us looking younger and feeling healthier!

Many people as well as feeling relaxed say they feel peaceful and more positive after their treatment. This is because reflex touch is an energy treatment similar to the popular Reiki working on both physical organs and the subtle energy field.

You can help this process by avoiding conversations, situations, and information that is likely to drag you down immediately after your treatment.

Some clients say they actually feel energised and as though they are walking on air. I suggest that you use this beautiful energy on creative projects that continue to make you feel good. You might like to take a walk in nature, some gentle yoga, creative writing, or perhaps spend time with people that make you feel good.

Either way the 24 hours after a treatment is not the time to push yourself physically, mentally or emotionally.

As well as keeping hydrated you should be aware that you might feel a little chilled after your treatment, so prepare and keep yourself snuggled up.

Again it will really help the body if you can enjoy healthier meals during the 24 hours after your treatment. We firmly believe the best food plan is the one that suits you and your individual body.

However processed foods tend to put an extra burden on all of us, while vegetables are easier to digest.

I hope these simple ideas help you get the most out of your valuable reflex touch treatments. As always I suggest you try them yourself and listen to your body.

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