How conscious are you of your body?

Have you any idea where your health challenges may come from? How conscious are you of your body? Are you aware right now of how you feel? If you are suffering have you any ideas why? It may seem crazy to say this but in the West we have become very dependent on what our doctors tell us. So much so that we are in danger of losing our own knowing, as ‘the expert’ is all.

There are so many people now with acute and chronic illnesses that in the UK the NHS and whole medical profession is overburdened. There are growing lists of people needing care and attention. On a daily basis doctor’s surgeries are full of patients with minor or major ailments. We are overloaded and our population is increasing. Private medicine has many people clambering for treatment too.

Now it is time for us to start learning more about how we can help ourselves, and our families, to prevent illness.

Half of it is about knowing what might be causing a problem. You may question this, but finding the origin of the health issue could be surprisingly useful. This is not at all a way in which we are used to thinking but it is becoming increasingly important, if not imperative, to do so. Our bodies are amazing and maybe we do not appreciate this. We take so much for granted. We expect to wake up each day, to be able to use all our senses, get dressed, eat breakfast, drive or walk to work etc. Perhaps we think we are taking care of ourselves but are we?

As babies we are dependent on our carers, and apart from basic needs of feeding, sleeping and cleaning, there are no apparent worries. A baby develops and learns as it grows from birth and its environment. The brain is in ‘simple’ mode.

Looking at Piaget’s chart of development, a human gradually wakes up to awareness over a period of years. A small baby just trusts and accepts. It has no option. The parents are usually there for every need the baby has. A stage is gone through when the child will cling to one parent, may cry if he or she disappears, (even if the parent is hiding behind something normally in the child’s range of vision) and won’t stop until they reappear. Beyond this stage they realise that parents can be manipulated to a certain degree, likes and dislikes come to the fore, and the child begins to operate his world. He is also affected by everything in the environment, which will help to mould the future adult.

We are all created by what happens around us on every level and we are in fact, as we begin to function beyond babyhood, responsible for our own reality. Our experiences and perceptions shape us for good or otherwise.

How do we learn more about our function so that we can implement self-care and support and so help ourselves? We need to be conscious.

The mind body relationship is very important. Disease or dis-ease can be strongly linked to how we feel about ourselves. We live by our emotions and there are different levels of any emotion, the base, middle and highest form. So one might feel irritated, annoyed and then angry depending on the severity of what is offending. This is to do with our inner world. The secret is to take charge of our feelings, noticing what creates a negative response, and trying to shift this. One way to do this is by standing on an imaginary line, your life-line. Feel how it is where you are. Feel the emotion you want to shift. Now energetically move beyond the emotion and then walk along the line a few steps to the future. Feel the difference, the freedom and release. Now go back to the original place and notice how much lighter you feel.

What else are we affected by? Geopathic stress, electromagnetism, pollution etc. of both our inner and outer environment. Geopathic stress is created from earth movements, which put the natural line of the land out of alignment resulting in various types of problems. Health can be affected, sometimes dramatically and so can emotions and behaviours. Events such as past battles, can also create geopathic stress.

Electromagnetism is created from electrical charges emitted from power cables and radio masts and which can create havoc with health. Cancers have been linked to this and other immune system disorders and mental and emotional issues.

Candice Peart, in Molecules of Emotion, showed us that our cells hold memories of everything that happens to us. Here is a list of the main organs and how emotions can affect them and positive emotions to overcome.

Organ / state / encourage
Kidneys / fear / wisdom
Liver / anger / kindness
Heart / anxiety / contentment
Spleen / obsessiveness / trust
Lungs / sadness / courage

More and more has been discovered by some innovative biological researchers now. Discover more about yourself and see how much you can help yourself. Be conscious. It is the way to good health.

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