How can Reiki support you in times of stress?

Reiki has long been seen as a relaxing holistic experience that supports the body and mind in times of stress. A non-invasive healing process, it works at bringing us into balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


If our vital energy becomes weak or blocked by physical or emotional stress, it can lead to various symptoms. Reiki works to clear and balance our energy fields, reinforcing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Regular Reiki sessions can promote a better sleeping pattern, lessen feelings of stress and anxiety and increase overall well-being.

Reiki can be done in-person or distantly, where the Reiki practitioner sends the Reiki energy to the client, without being in the same room as them.

Does distance Reiki work?

There are many viewpoints on how to receive distant Reiki, how it can work and, indeed, whether it can work. Personally, I have found that receiving Reiki via a distant session can be more intense than receiving it in-person. 

This has also been true when discussing with my students how they felt during the receiving of their distant, or in-person, attunements (this is part of the training needed to be able to offer Reiki).

However, for those who have never had a Reiki treatment and know little about Reiki, it may seem strange that distant Reiki can have any effect on someone, as much as, or in some cases even more so, than in-person treatment. 

Important factors for distance Reiki:

  • Therapists should do a consultation before the session and also get permission from the client, for the therapist to send them the distant Reiki.
  • Reiki works when a Reiki practitioner sets an intention for the person to be able to receive the Reiki – it doesn’t matter where, when or how they receive it. 
  • What is important is that the intention is set and that the client is happy to receive the Reiki. 

Is distant Reiki always the same?

My regular in-person clients tell me they feel different sensations and varying strength/depth of sensations in their sessions from week to week, month to month. This is because the body changes on a cellular level on a regular basis, as well as reacting to how you are feeling emotionally at the time. 

So, it makes sense that whether a client has a live or distant session, it can be different as well. It can be more (or less) intense than a previous or future session. It doesn’t matter whether the practitioner is present or not, the Reiki is still being received. 

A Reiki practitioner trusts that the energy goes to wherever it is needed, be that on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. What counts is their intention to send the Reiki for the good of the client and the intention of the client, to receive and benefit from the Reiki.

Why has distance Reiki become so popular?

After lockdown confinements, many that enjoyed regular Reiki from a local practitioner may have had to go without. Not all Reiki practitioners offer distant Reiki sessions, but I have always found these useful to benefit clients alongside their in-person Reiki. 

Clients can have a shorter, 30-minute session in the comfort of their own home, saving time and money. Perfect for when time is short or you want a top-up in between regular sessions; perhaps if you have had an unexpectedly stressful week.

What do I need to know before having a distant Reiki session?

It is wise to give thought to when you are going to have the distant healing session – you would not want to be rushing straight out, be going out drinking alcohol soon after or have a big event planned the next day, etc. 

My clients particularly enjoy sessions early on a Friday and on Sunday evenings; it sets them up well for the weekend or the week ahead.

Preparing for a distant healing session

  • About 10 mins before the session, put on relaxing music, dim the lights or light candles.
  • Make yourself comfortable (lying down is usually best) and ensure you won't be disturbed.
  • Get into a relaxed or meditative state.
  • Allow yourself to relax further and set the intention to receive distant Reiki healing from your chosen practitioner and for it to go wherever it needs to. You can say something like: “I am ready to receive healing Reiki energy from [name of Reiki practitioner] and for the Reiki to go wherever it needs to.” Or some such wording that resonates with you, but be sure to include the name of the practitioner.

During the session

  • During the session you may feel cold, hot, pressure, heaviness, or changes within your body; this is the energy shifting. It is not always the same feeling and it can be different for others, so that is just a guide.
  • If your mind wanders, accept that it is wandering and bring it back into a relaxed state.
  • Don’t worry if you fall asleep – the energy will still be received.
  • The sessions are usually around 30-40 minutes; you will probably notice once it has stopped.

After the session

Ensure you drink lots of water and avoid a heavy meal. It is advisable to have an early night. You may feel tired or any existing aches and pains could increase for a short time – this is all temporary whilst the energy shifts and the body heals. Contact your therapist if you have any queries.

What are the benefits of distant Reiki sessions?

After the session you may immediately feel calmer, sleepy or perhaps alert and revitalised; everyone is different. Usually, within 24 hours you will notice positive changes, perhaps on a physical level or in your emotional state.

Be gentle with yourself for the next couple of days. Get plenty of rest, take light exercise and walks in nature, eat healthy meals regularly and look after yourself, avoiding stress. I also recommend clients journal and practice meditation, either side of a session.

The effects of Reiki are cumulative so the effects will be maintained for longer if you have regular sessions initially. Generally, for new clients or those who are presenting with emotional issues such as stress and anxiety, I recommend a weekly session for two to three weeks. Then, as the effects last longer, the sessions can drop back to fortnightly, and then monthly, for general well-being and maintenance.

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Witham, Essex, CM8
Written by Jo Hanby
Witham, Essex, CM8

Jo Hanby is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Teacher and Spiritual Life & Happiness Coach. Visit to book Reiki sessions.

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