Homeopathy and Nutritional Therapy for Sexual Male Issues

Nowadays in the United Kingdom, it is estimated that about 10% of men between the ages of 20 and 45 suffer from sexual erectile dysfunction.

Most do not seek help as it seems to be difficult for males to open up and ask for external support from a health therapist for such a condition.

This is a pity as this is a condition that can respond very well to many forms of holistic medicine, including homeopathy. It is also a condition that can lead to divorce or rob a man of the chance to find a partner.

In my experience, most men with sexual dysfunction wait too long to ask for help, and start to develop depression or other emotional conditions.

Apart from a lack of confidence, there can be other causes to sexual dysfunctions. It is actually considered than more than three quarters of cases are due to a medical condition. This can be because the condition itself impairs the reproductive system. Obvious examples include an enlarged prostate or painful arthritis, that would reduce the chance of having a pleasurable sexual act.

Another cause can be that sexual impotence is a direct side-effect of some types of conventional medications. Blood pressure drugs or antidepressants are known to reduce potency. This is also the case with many recreational drugs.

For such a condition, I would always advise a full consultation, with possibly a blood test to review any nutritional and/or health issues. Homeopathy, alongside nutrition and herbal therapy can be very effective and is free from any unwanted side-effects.

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