Healthy tips for living in a wifi world

The level of EMF’s that are affecting us in 2019 is certainly affecting our health and potential to thrive.


Electrical wavelengths do not resonate with biological beings. Increasing cancers, especially brain 'Gliomas', are likely a result of over mobile use. Although many specialists are confirming this, some scientific sites may not acknowledge the causes.

There has been a 40% increase in brain tumours in the last 10 years. It does not take a scientist to make connections between increased mobile use and this condition, especially if the phone is being held close to the head. The brain is a very delicate organ, and the tissue is easily damaged by any form of radiation. Thus, this is the reason no child under the age of 12 should be allowed to use mobiles, computers, or iPads - their brain is not developed enough to deal with the waves, and if they do, for a very short time only. In some countries (e.g. France), they are banning mobiles in schools and 'hardwiring' their school computers. Other countries are doing the same.

Apart from 'smartphones', there are ever-increasing devices that many people are using all the time which are emitting high EMF signals, disrupting our immune system. These include 'cordless' phones, computers (some makes are worse than others), iPads, earpieces used by our police, Bluetooth, 'smart metres', Alexa, and all 'smart' home equipment. I would advise against using baby monitors, as they irradiate the baby all of the time. If 5G is ever fully implemented, we shall all be very vulnerable, and boosting the immune system will be paramount. I hope we stop using 5G, as it is a very dangerous wavelength. Initially, it was designed and used as 'battlefield technology'. The AI community is seemingly finding new ideas to irradiate us, and we need to be aware so that we can protect ourselves in a variety of ways.

Firstly, keep your immune system strong. Many herbs, supplements, and homeopathic remedies can assist us. In homeopathy, we have potentised forms of EMF/WiFi radiation remedies, as well as other options.

Ways to make our home environment safer

  • Turn your wifi router off every night, and even during the day if you are not using it for long periods.
  • Hardwire your computer if you can; use a local specialist to do this.
  • Certain crystals protect - especially Shungite, although it has to be genuine Russian Shungite. This is already proving to be protective to beehives, by either painting it on the hives or using it in and around them to protect against wifi disorientation.
  • There are other companies creating devices to use in the home. One company produces a 'Raditech Geomack', which can be placed in the centre of the home.
  • To reduce overall exposure to electrical waves, eliminate all electrical devices from the bedroom and never sleep with your mobile close to your head - even on 'aeroplane mode'.
  • Install a landline again and only use corded phones, not cordless.

Try to avoid carrying your mobile next to your heart, breast, or testicles - buy a protective case. There are several places that you can buy these from; some offer covers for mobile phones made from airforce military material, as well as EMF protective mats for your computers.

There will be all kinds of equipment coming on board to assist us, but we have to implement a healthy environment for ourselves and, if we have children, for them. Be stronger about how much you allow your children to use this technology - one day they will thank you! Educate yourselves and say no to 5G, and sign appropriate petitions that may help humanity to reduce cancers, heart disease, and diabetes (now sometimes occurring as a result of overuse of wiFi in and around the home and office; several scientific papers confirm this).

It's certainly advisable to read up about 5G and do your research. Save Us Now has letters you can send to your local councillors, MPs, and anyone else you feel may have the power to stop 5G.

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