'First aid' for negative emotions

Ever had that feeling in your solar plexus - like an emotional version of the twang of an elastic band?

You feel it in your body and it can be triggered just by recalling an upsetting incident. These feelings can really take you off-guard; at best they make you feel uneasy, at worst a gibbering wreck. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is great at neutralising these emotions, enabling you to regain composure in a matter of minutes – it really is ‘emotional first aid’. Once you’ve learnt the basic technique, which you will learn in your first session with an EFT therapist, you’ll be ready to help yourself whenever you feel the sting of an emotional pain.

Of course, if you’re working on a specific issue there are major benefits to working with an EFT therapist who will keep you on track and, with their trained eye, highlight aspects of your experience that are key to resolving the issue you’re struggling with. Without a doubt having EFT in your back-pocket, to use whenever you need it, can make a real difference giving you the ability to remain calm in challenging situations. 

One of the things my clients love about EFT is that they come away from their first session having eliminated, or at the very least reduced a negative memory. Best of all, they leave with a first aid tool kit they can use, in the moment, whenever they need it.

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All therapists are verified professionals