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Streamflowing is the art of becoming linked with the movement of life, the natural energy that helps plants grow and which is a positive moving force beyond the eyesight. It is the full flow of life.

We have all experienced moments of heightened awareness when we feel able to start something new or to feel something amazing such as when we fall in love or maybe connect to a new baby. We can call it love because love does connect everything, but at the same time it is a very strong positive energy, which makes us feel tremendous.

You may know or have realised that this is something that perhaps only comes for you occasionally unless you are already one of those beings who may feel you are in this space now. However there is more!


Find a comfortable quiet place to begin where you know you will be relaxed. Turn off all music and the telephone and ask others not to disturb you.

Sit, stand or lie - whichever feels right for a start.

Eyes may either be open or closed.

Feel your body and breathe in deeply, at the same time being aware of your body expanding with your lungs. Relax the shoulders as you exhale. Feel yourself becoming expanded. Notice any feelings or changes in the body or perhaps impressions, which may be coming to you. Repeat again and feel yourself becoming larger than the physical body as you expand and release anything that needs to be let go off as you relax into the space. Again observe anything in the way of images, body feelings etc.

Repeat for a third time, this time getting even bigger as you expand so that you are ever bigger like a gigantic balloon that fills all time and space. You may even see yourself as being on a spacecraft looking down on the earth. Perhaps you notice and new understandings, words, knowledge, or even different streams of energy, which now flow through you. These can feel like small electric currents and can be seen as channels, pathways, strings of bright colours or in a myriad different ways. Notice how you feel now.

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