Ayurveda tips for migraine relief

Migraine is a type of headache which occurs in one side of your head; sometimes spreads to the whole head. It is a very common type of headache experienced by 1 in 4 women and 1 in 12 men. It usually starts in childhood or early adult hood. There is no known cure for migraine and no known reason why it affects particular people.

The symptoms of migraine include headache starting from one side of the head and throbbing and pulsating pain. Migraine may occur with an aura; aura is usually warning sign that occurs before the Migraine. It might be visual aura, sensational aura, and odd smell and speech disturbances. It will typically last up to few minutes before the headache.

Migraine is usually affected by certain triggers like stress, loud music, odd smells, bright sunlight and head bath. These triggers are different to one other; if one can find the trigger responsible for the attack avoiding it may reduce the frequency of migraine.

If you suffer from regular migraines, you are encouraged to speak to your doctor. If you want to try some natural treatments, Ayurveda has some of the best  remedies to reduce migraine episodes….

  • Regular exercise with healthy diet and a stress free environment is always the first step in curing any kind of disease.
  • Avoid the triggers which might be causing the attacks of migraine. Maintain a diary of attacks including frequency, possible triggers, and timings of the day.
  • Avoid looking straight in to bright sun or watching laptop or television for a long periods of time.
  • Meditation or Pranayama can help to reduce stress in our body, yoga postures like “Advanced lotus pose” can be beneficial for migraine.
  • Eating green leafy vegetables and protein rich diet can help the body with pain management.
  • Drink plenty of fluids because sometimes dehydration may be the reason behind your headache.
  • Rub peppermint oil or any kind of soothing balm on your head for relief.
  • Hot compresses work for any kind of contractions; so try this next time.
  • Last but not least “Nasya Karma” is one of the Panchakarma procedures described in Ayurveda where medicated oil or decoctions are infused through the nostrils is regarded as the best treatment for migraine.

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