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After an operation many years ago, a friend suffered with many aches and pains throughout her muscles and joints. Like many people who have suffered with similar ailments at some stage in their lives, she tirelessly sought therapy after therapy in order to gain a little relief. Many people she knew achieved great results with many different therapist's. However, her aches and pains did not resolve until she discovered traditional thai massage.

She discovered that traditional thai massage is a gentle hour long therapy, which combines assisted stretching, gentle traction, acupressure and palming (massaging) over the whole body. She loved the fact that the treatment took place on a lovely, squishy Futon on the floor and that she did not need to remove any of her clothing. The therapy was given to her in a lovely, calming therapy room. This very quickly started to release her tight muscles and painful joints.

One of the reasons it is so effective, is because it is a whole body treatment, and not focusing on one particular area. Over the whole of the human body there is a webbing called Fascia. This means releasing/treating more than just one part of the Fascia is therefore much more effective.

Also with traditional thai massage, energy blockages are released with a calming, meditative atmosphere. which blends elements of acupressure, physiotherapy, meditation, energy healing, chiropractic and Ayurveda. Benefits can range from helping ease headaches, digestive problems, back pain, neck tension, joint pain, menstrual problems, insomnia to other stress related conditions.

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