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£17 per month, £11 per session

Breathe Love virtual sessions

A space for you to feel nourished, and supported; to grow and evolve while discovering the depths of the power and wisdom that lies within you.

Let's look at the monthly offerings:

Regular class

Deep energy or sound healing sessions every Thursday. Each Thursday you will be able to join me from 8pm - 9:15pm (GMT) for a profound energy and sound healing session including a 15-minute community share (start of session).

These sessions will include my regular classes on rotation such as Three Diamond Breath, Body Scan, Chakra cleansing and Sound/Voice healing.

Bonus classes

1. Self Reiki Session

Once a month (the first session held on Sunday 22nd November, 8pm - 9:45pm GMT), I will lead a Self Reiki session, guided practices and insights, also taken from my book, Self Reiki.

An opportunity for those practising Reiki to deepen their spiritual and practical experience through meditation. These sessions will include a Reiki share to offer healing to those immediately gathering and to the entire world; all living things. Everyone is welcome but it's a great refresher for Reiki practitioners.

2. Voice activation class

Once a month (the first session held on Sunday 29th November, 8pm - 9pm GMT), I will run a voice activation class, where we will learn to connect on a deeper level through voice activation, intuitive sounds, language, and healing. We will connect as a community through shared song, poetry and more. I genuinely believe that our voice is the ultimate sound healing tool.


All sessions will run via Kuula. Currently, the platform is using Zoom integrated into their system. They will be upgrading their system with more features coming soon. 

Value for money

I recommend signing up to the 30-day Class Pass, which costs £17 - all classes included. Most wellness classes cost a lot more for one session, and you will have weekly regular classes to join each month plus two bonus sessions.

I am excited to connect with you. Please share the link below with family and friends. If you have any questions, please email connect@emeraldandtiger.com.

Book at emeraldandtiger.com.

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Hosted by Jasmin Harsono

Emerald + Tiger is a conscious lifestyle brand promoting positive self-awareness and a vibrant connection to body, mind and spirit. The brand brings together a collective of intuitive healers, led by Jasmin Harsono to offer wellbeing guidance through their events & lifestyle products that fuse the synergies of modern life with ancient practices.


Hosted by Jasmin Harsono

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