Spiritual awakening for beginners

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'Spiritual Awakening for Beginners' - a home study course

This course is for those who want to:

  • become more spiritually aware
  • develop their intuition (with exercises so you can practice)
  • connect more deeply (and intuitively) with their inner self
  • work with and develop their psychic awareness
  • find their why and life's purpose
  • start making more time for self-care
  • recognise when the Spirit world and your guides are trying to communicate with you
  • learn to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit
  • ...and more!

What happens when I do the course?

If you set the foundations at the beginning, by doing the short practical exercises regularly, then you - and the things in your life - start changing! 

  • You'll feel calmer, less stressed and anxious.
  • Your vibration will raise - the more you align with happiness, the more that will naturally come your way (this is the Law of Attraction working).
  • Your intuition will continue to develop and get stronger; you will learn to trust your instinct.
  • You will be able to use your dominant "clair" sense to understand messages from the Spirit world and your guides.
  • Your psychic ability will strengthen - communicate with loved ones and recognise when they are trying to reach you.
  • You are likely to feel more motivated, open to change and making things happen.
  • Life will start to feel better in some, or all areas.
  • Relationships with others and yourself can change for the better.
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Hosted by Jo Hanby

Spiritual Coach * Happiness Life Coach * Law of Attraction Coach * Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher * Animal Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher * NLP Master Practitioner