Solfeggio sound bath meditation

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5A The Full Spectrum Centre Ltd, The Old Court House, Chapel Street, Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, SK16 4DY

The term ‘solfeggio sound bath meditation’ is used to describe an immersive vibrational meditation experience of pure sound through the use of sacred solfeggio sound instruments.

Our special solfeggio sound bath meditation incorporates nine solfeggio body tuner pipes and tuning forks to tune the body and soul, healing and balancing all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as well as raising your vibration.

Solfeggio frequencies are said to connect you with the universe.

The nine frequencies are used

  • 174 HZ – To relieve pain and stress.
  • 285 HZ – To heal tissues and organs.
  • 396 HZ – To liberate fear, guilt and grief and help balance the root chakra.
  • 417 HZ – To undo situations and facilitate change and can help balance the sacral chakra.
  • 528 HZ – For transformation, love and miracles and help balance the solar plexus chakra.
  • 639 HZ – For connecting and balancing relationships and enhance communication, understanding and tolerance to rebalance the heart chakra.
  • 741 HZ – To solve problems and awaken intuition and help balance the throat chakra.
  • 852 HZ – To return to and reset spiritual order and help balance the third eye chakra.
  • 963 HZ – For divine consciousness or enlightenment and help balance the crown chakra.

This amazing musical journey begins with each attendee sitting in a comfortable and supportive chair, then being “bathed” in sound waves and vibration from the various solfeggio tuned instruments resulting in a deeply relaxing and healing meditative experience.

Meditation is a great activity for bringing your mind and body into harmony with one another, keeping you calm and centered. The mind and body are often seen as separate entities, but they’re definitely intertwined and it’s impossible to separate the functions of one from the other.

For example, if you’ve ever been anxious or nervous, you know how that feels in your mind, your thoughts race and you might even become irrational. At the same time, the nervousness has a profound effect on your body, your heart pumps blood faster and your muscles tighten. It allows you to become centered on your breath so that you can breathe deeply and relax, helping both body and mind.

Our monthly solfeggio sound bath meditation class aims to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and deep, restful sleep.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

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*If you have a pacemaker fitted, are prone to seizures, or are epileptic, have metal implants in your body or are pregnant please check with your GP before booking and attending.

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Hosted by The Full Spectrum Centre Limited

Joanne Lee is a fully qualified and experienced Complementary & Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, Tutor, VTCT Assessor and owner of The Full Spectrum Centre Limited.


Hosted by The Full Spectrum Centre Limited

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