Online full spectrum angelic connections course

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Open to all
£132 Early Bird Price

Are you ready?

It’s time to connect with 13 archangels.

Join us on a journey with the archangels to fulfilment, support, angelic communication and community.

Every 4 weeks you will have the opportunity to connect with an archangel, receiving guidance, and support in your daily life, helping you to resolve issues, remove blocks and bring about positive change.

Why connect?

Now is the prefect moment for you to act! The doors are now open for enrolment so do not delay or procrastinate. In this course you will find all the ingredients needed to enrich your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are here to support YOU.


  • Guided meditation audios
  • Archangel attunements
  • Self development journal
  • Angel card reading
  • Daily practices & exercises
  • Podcasts & webinars
  • Informative handouts
  • Lifetime access to the course content
  • Facilitator support via email
  • Monthly payment option

Do you believe in angels?

We do, and we want to share our experience with you.

This course is ideal for those interested in angels and wanting to develop their own awareness of the angelic realm or those interested in spiritual awareness and psychic development.

What will I learn?

Our online full spectrum angelic connections course has been designed to increase and enhance your awareness and understanding of the angelic realms, experience the joy and love the archangels have to offer us, connect and communicate, share their connections and experiences, learn and grow spiritually and receive information and guidance directly from the archangels.

Join us for a year long journey with 13 archangels and learn about yourself, who and what you are, how to connect and communicate with angels and archangels, discover solutions to your problems through angelic healing and much, much more!

Enroll today on our online full spectrum angelic connections course to strengthen your connection to the angelic realm and receive unconditional love and healing.

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Hosted by The Full Spectrum Centre Limited

Carl Whitwell is a Holistic Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor and Facilitator devoted to promoting holistic health, well-being, positive thinking and spirituality within our community and providing our clients with the very best service.


Hosted by The Full Spectrum Centre Limited

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