Letting go and embracing change - free workshop

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27th November 2023, 6.00pm - 7.00pm
Open to all

You will learn how to let go of thought patterns, limiting beliefs and emotions that keep you stuck and how to manifest change in your life.
In this workshop I am going to guide you on a step-by-step journey towards learning how to let go of thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions in order to set you free from some weight you carry that keeps you stuck and blocked in the past.

I will also prime you to manifest change with a beautiful guided meditation that you can use in your daily spiritual practice to reinforce your desires and manifest your dreams.

This workshop is a chance to take a moment to think of what is no longer serving you and allow it to be released.

You will learn a practical step-by-step process that you can apply to yourself on a daily basis to release, let go and bring yourself back to love, back to the now, back to presence, back to alignment.


  • Talk about letting go as a spiritual practice and the importance of setting us free from the weight we carry.
  • EFT practice to remove the blockages that are holding us back.
  • Guided meditation to accept, embrace and be present with our emotions, with our shadows to allow them to be felt and released.
  • Powerful manifesting practice to embrace change.

I have chosen to do this one-hour workshop on 27th November on a full moon, also called the beaver moon. Some refer to it as the ‘mourning moon’ as it is a time to let go of past wounds, grief or limitations and look forward to the new season and the new year.

What better day to put a light onto our shadows, as the moon does, onto what is holding us back, illuminating our darkness and letting it go?

Prepare yourself for 2024! Let go, get freer, get lighter and be ready to soar!

A lighter heart is a happier heart!
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Once you register or buy the free ticket, please expect an email from either cinzia@sunshinefloating.com or infosunhsinefloatign@gmail.com as I will send you the Zoom link.

Please save my emails to your contacts to avoid being them sent to spam.

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Hosted by Cinzia Cavedon

WHO I AM: I am Cinzia Cavedon a Spiritual Healing Coach. If you suffer from some sort of emotional discomfort I help you heal the root cause of the issue and get free from the pain once and for all. Within only few weeks you will feel more empowered and whole, build up trust in yourselves, learn how to manage your negative judging mind and awake to


Hosted by Cinzia Cavedon

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