3 barriers to love for high-achieving women

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13th February 2024, 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Open to all

Presented by Gwen Allison, My Spiritual Butterfly

High-achieving and over-achieving women may find it easy to manifest success where their career or business is concerned but very often, when it comes to relationships, things don’t quite flow in the same effortless way. As a high-achiever myself, this was certainly my experience up until a few years ago.

I created ‘3 barriers to love for high-achieving women’ to provide you with new insights to help you navigate your relationships as well as discover energetic and psychological ways to start to dissolve those blocks so you can attract high vibrational partners or be in an existing relationship in a way that honours you both.

Inside this free online workshop, you will understand why you may...

  • fall into seemly unbreakable cycles of unfulfilling relationships
  • feel there are no “good men left out there’’
  • worry about losing your identity in a relationship
  • choose to avoid love altogether
  • have challenges within your current relationship

You will also learn...

  • How the complexities of masculine and feminine energy can affect a relationship.
  • Which subconscious belief systems are still running the ‘relationship show and how they got there.
  • How to identify and start to release the most common fears experienced by high-achieving women when navigating relationships.

So you can call in a loving relationship that offers you peace, harmony and a space to thrive!

If it’s your choosing, I believe you deserve to be in a relationship that honours your soul. You deserve to be in a divine union with a high-vibrational partner who loves you for who you are. 

I’m so excited to be sharing these incredible insights and approaches with you.

If you want to powerfully elevate your relationship energy then you are warmly invited to register for my free online workshop as spaces are limited.


There are three dates to choose from:

  • Tues 13th Feb @ 6pm (GMT)
  • Thurs 15th Feb @ 6pm (GMT)
  • Sat 17th Feb @ 11am (GMT)

Your preparation

You may want to bring a journal/notepad and pen. Come with an open mind and heart. Please note, your video will be turned off.

Register and find out more.

I can't wait to have you there!

With love and light

Gwen x

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Hosted by Gwen Allison

I’m Gwen, Founder of My Spiritual Butterfly. I am an Accredited Transformational Life Coach since 2008. I am also a PSYCH-K Facilitator and a CNHC verified, Reiki Master / Teacher. I am a member of The Reiki Federation and the Association for Coaches. I work with others to help them overcome life's physical, emotional and mental challenges.