Signs your third eye chakra is overactive and how to heal it

Do you often find yourself interested in hidden truths more so than logic and facts? If so, your third eye chakra is likely open. This chakra is what connects us to our inner wisdom, imagination, and intuition. So, when it’s open, we’re empowered to think deeply and ponder our natural curiosities. However, it is possible for it to become unbalanced. In this article, we’ll explore how to improve the wellness of your third eye chakra so that you can truly achieve balance.

We’re all born with our third eye chakra open. This is why as kids we rely on our inner ideas: we play, we imagine, and we follow our instinctual thoughts. Children say yes and no when it feels right for them. They know what they want and they advocate for their needs. 

However, growing up in a very logic-orientated world can encourage some people to become fearful and doubtful in their deep inner knowing. Maintaining a connection with ourselves and believing in our gut instincts can be hard, but those of us with our third eye chakra open manage to do this. 

While this all sounds great, we can also have an overactive third eye chakra; commonly resulting in us feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and unsafe. This happens when we spend too much time in our heads contemplating and not enough time in our physical reality. We can address this problem but vulnerability is key — we need to recognise that we are struggling in the first place. By healing our overactive third eye chakra we can dramatically improve our life and mental health.

5 signs your third eye chakra is overactive

1. Paranoia

An overactive third eye chakra can lead to paranoia (constantly fearing situations that never manifest into reality). 

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about ‘what if’ worries (possible future dilemmas) rather than living in the present moment? This is not a friendly way to exist. It is exhausting always thinking like this, right? 

Assuming the worst is going to happen all the time doesn’t help us prepare to tackle the worst. Instead, it makes us chronically anxious and tense. We are not productive when we are constantly navigating from a panicked mindset.

Indications of paranoia:

  • feeling rigid in your thinking
  • assuming most people are out to get you or are judging you
  • worrying you are at risk of being physically hurt
  • concluding people dislike you from subtle moments
  • intense nightmares

2. Impulsive behaviour 

When we have an overactive third eye chakra, we might struggle with hyperactivity. This results in us talking too much, fidgeting a lot, and having difficulty sitting still and thinking before we act. It is hard to be at ease when our minds are so stimulated.

3. Migraines and headaches

Spending too much time in contemplation will overwhelm your head with energy, and this will lead to your body responding with frequent head pain. If your third eye chakra is over-stimulated, you may experience migraines and/or headaches often. You want the energy in your body to be balanced; everything in moderation, as the saying goes. Too much time thinking has consequences.

4. Mood swings 

You go from feeling very high to very low. There is no middle ground, your moods manifest in extremes. One moment you’re feeling really good the next your overactive mind sweeps you up into a panicked state. This happens because you are navigating from a highly emotional place; jumping from one intense emotion to the next.

5. Hypersensitivity

Are you sensitive to light, sound, touch, noise, and taste? Do you find busy environments entirely exhausting? Do you worry you are too empathetic, often taking on other people’s emotions without wanting to? These are all consequences of an overstimulated third eye chakra.

You may feel you receive too much information when you leave the comfort of your home or when you meet friends. Your heightened awareness might give you too much knowledge to process. This makes staying home tempting but, over time, this may lead us to feel lonely, disconnected, and unmotivated.

How to stop your third eye chakra from being overactive


When your third eye chakra is out of alignment, you may find yourself stuck contemplating things in your head all the time, rarely finding yourself anchored to what is going on around you. Also, you may feel detached from your body. Physical activity is a simple and immediate way to encourage your third eye chakra to relax. Using the mind-body connection, you can bring your attention away from the swirling thoughts in your head and connect to what your body is experiencing as you move. Consistent exercise can deeply ground you.

Extra tip: Focus on movement that brings a smile to your face. What do you enjoy doing with your body? Dancing? Cycling? I encourage you to see exercise as an outlet for pleasure rather than punishment. If you despise going to the gym and doing squats – don’t do it! Motivating yourself to work out is less challenging when you mentally benefit from the workout (during and after)!

Cold water showers

A morning combo worth trying: exercise followed by a cold shower! When our body is immersed in cold water, our attention is naturally brought to the present moment and the physical sensations we’re experiencing. We’re compelled to forget past issues and future to-do’s and instead focus our attention on the here and now. 

This is great for those of us with an overactive third eye chakra because a lot of our discomfort comes from our overwhelming internal dialogue. When our minds are focused on the current moment, we feel better and safer! Cold showers or wild swimming in lakes and rivers allow us to experience mental clarity.

Extra tip: It can be hard to find inspiration to have a cold shower first thing in the morning. But getting hot and sweaty during your workout can serve as motivation to turn the cold tap on.


If your third eye chakra is overactive, your mind will be booming with opinions. It is valuable to have an outlet for the constant stream of ideas, thoughts, and visuals in your head. Keeping your internal dialogue to yourself all the time will lead to you feeling overwhelmed and then demotivated. It’s hard to get anything done when there are too many things going on in your head. 

Journalling our inner monologue in real time allows us to get that sense of release. Externalising some of those passionate opinions gives you space to let go, relax, and focus. 

Activating the root chakra

The root chakra is linked to the earth, being grounded, and a sense of stability and safety.

If you have an overactive third eye chakra, you will likely have an underactive root chakra. This will make you feel removed from the world and people around you. It will also mean you often feel lost and anxious. By opening your root chakra, you can help counteract these painful feelings and lessen your overactive third eye chakra.

How to open your root chakra

1. Listen to binaural beats for the root chakra

You can find free playlists on YouTube. These sounds will help you feel grounded and connected to the lower half of your body, shifting energy away from your head (this will help reduce or stop your headaches/migraines).

2. Do mantra meditation

And repeat the sounds ‘lam’ and ‘om.’ You can also find playlists for this on YouTube and it will help distribute the energy in your body.

3. Address your lack mindset 

Move your attention away from what you don’t have. Instead of constantly wishing for more and complaining that everyone and everything around you is not enough, celebrate what you already have. Express gratitude and appreciate the resources you have access to. Consistently telling yourself “I can’t because I don’t have…” instils fear and doubt in your mind. So, affirm to yourself: “I can because I have…”

What do you have that you are grateful for right now? Books, friends, the internet, access to nature? If you look closely, there are opportunities and resources to be thankful for all around you and this can be a very empowering and grounding realisation.

There are many accessible methods to heal an overactive third eye chakra. It’s amazing that we can free the trapped energy in our heads from the comfort of our own homes! We can also go to a chakra-balancing specialist if healing in solitude sounds too daunting.

It’s important to recognise that it is a gift to have an active third eye chakra. Whilst too much activity hinders us, we can fix that. Most people find it challenging to go inward and connect with themselves in the first place. So, we should be proud of the deep inner wisdom we are in touch with. We just need to work on spending more time in our bodies and less time in our heads.

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Written by Alessia Sutherberry
Alessia is a coach, content creator and writer who cares deeply about making people feel good about themselves. She helps people understand where their self-limiting beliefs stem from so they can foster self-awareness and self-love.
Written by Alessia Sutherberry
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