4 signs you have attractive energy

Many of us aspire to be seen as beautiful by others. But, what often goes unnoticed is where this desire stems from – a longing to feel liked and appreciated by others. Women, in particular, are taught that being physically beautiful attracts people and opportunities; we live in a society that rewards women who conform to Western beauty standards. Hence, being attractive seems to be the most obvious route to gaining appreciation. So, we forget about the inherent beauty already within us and we channel the majority of our attention on enhancing our physical appearance.

Many of us learn to prioritise beauty over nurturing a strong sense of self, and this gets in the way of us reaching our full potential. It’s difficult to understand who we are and what we want from life when our focus is directed outward rather than inward.

It’s so important to recognise that women are not to be blamed. We learn by observing the treatment of the women around us, and through consuming mainstream media that our worth is heavily related to our appearance.

But, we must remember that we’re so much more than a face and a body, we’re complex human beings! We’re brainy, funny, curious, caring, creative, insightful! Our true beauty absolutely originates from within.

When we meet people who are drawn to our presence or aura, we get a chance to appreciate the truest form of ourselves and the characteristics that actually define us. We get to recognise our personality as attractive and this enables us to detach from the idea that we need to look like the models in Vogue. When people appreciate the energy we bring to a room, we get to witness our beauty flowing from within and this undoubtedly boosts our confidence.

Our quality of life dramatically improves when we recognise and tap into our inner strength.

Signs your energy is attractive to others

Here are some signs that you radiate beauty from within. If you feel none of the qualities apply to you, that’s OK! You can use them for inspiration and, in time, you’ll unlock your attractive energy – it resides within all of us!

1. You are mindfully confident

Being the loudest person in the room and trying to convince others that we’re great by talking excessively about ourselves won’t enhance our attractiveness. The desperation to prove oneself reflects insecurity. Of course, it’s great to share our stories and accomplishments, but it becomes uncomfortable when we overshadow others by speaking over them.

Many of us are drawn towards individuals who actively listen to us, rather than someone who just waits for their turn to speak. Enabling people to express themselves by asking thoughtful questions and listening carefully to their answers creates a friendly atmosphere. As humans, we gravitate towards people that make an effort to understand us. Curious people are attractive!

2. You practise self-appreciation

Committing to activities such as meditation, journaling, listening to self-help podcasts, or yoga, little by little, builds self-understanding and self-love. When we begin to appreciate our authentic selves, we create room in our hearts to cherish others. Uplifting the people around us is easier done when we feel content, or at least empathetic, in our current state of being.

When we accept the not-so-glamorous parts of ourselves we encourage others to do the same. We inspire people when we show up proudly unique and flawed!

We’re human, therefore, imperfection is unavoidable – we all need to be reminded of this obvious yet powerful notion! If you show people how to be kind and gentle with themselves, even when they’re dealing with the ugly parts of their character, you’ll radiate healing energy that others will want to be around.

3. You navigate from a place of love instead of insecurity

The ‘I am not good enough’ mindset can hinder our connections, as insecurity can result in jealous behaviour. For example, if your bestie meets someone new, you may feel threatened and worry that you’ll be replaced. We all get jealous and compare ourselves to others but, instead of lashing out in a fit of envy, we can question what the underlying fear is. Why has this other friend triggered us? Perhaps we have a history of abandonment so our bestie meeting someone new has made us worry we’re going to be disregarded.

Herein lies an opportunity for growth, that is, if we’re willing to face those abandonment wounds. Our connections with other humans reveal the unhealed parts of ourselves and we can be propelled forward if we choose to reflect instead of project. We can face and heal our wounds; our insecurities don’t need to bleed into relationships.

If you’re able to recognise when you feel insecure, communicate with the people around you and address the issue, you’ll maintain healthy connections. If you navigate predominantly from a place of love within your relationships (romantic and plutonic), rest assured you’ll emit attractive energy!

4. People gravitate toward you

If people often make an effort to spend time with you, open up to you, smile a lot in your presence, sit close to you, maintain eye contact and open posture, this is a clear indicator that you’re a trustworthy soul that pulls people in. You make people feel safe and seen. People are going to want to be around you if you offer a non-judgemental presence and plenty of empathy.

Constantly criticising others hinders our growth as well as denting people’s self-esteem. If you seek to embolden the people around you by bringing their attention to what they can do, not what they can’t, and what they have achieved, not what they haven’t, your inner goodness is undeniable.

Our personalities make us memorable. Many people look stereotypically beautiful but superficial beauty is forgettable. The warmth you bring to a room is what captures people’s attention. People remember how you make them feel. Your beautiful personality will draw people in.

If you feel you don’t have inner beauty, don’t panic! You can cultivate it by investing time into your healing and self-love journey. Energy healing practices such as Reiki, reflexology, and crystal healing can help to facilitate this process.

And never forget, true beauty is born from within.

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Written by Alessia Sutherberry
Alessia is a coach, content creator and writer who cares deeply about making people feel good about themselves. She helps people understand where their self-limiting beliefs stem from so they can foster self-awareness and self-love.

Written by Alessia Sutherberry

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