Ask the experts: Can I use crystal healing with my kids?

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that many of us benefit from, but how can it support children?

Here we speak to children’s nurse and crystal healer Susanne Hardcastle to learn more. 

Can I use crystal healing for kids?

What exactly is crystal healing, and is it safe for children?

Crystals have been used to heal people as long as there have been people and crystals. They are believed to bring beauty, light, and healing energy to any environment, including the human energy field. When a crystal is placed on a human, it responds to their energy field by emitting its own unique frequency. Every organ in the body has its own frequency, and certain stones correspond perfectly to these frequencies. 

In crystal healings, many stones are placed on and around the body to set up grids of light and frequency that are intended to elevate the person’s entire energy field, recalibrating it and allowing the natural energetic blueprint to swing into action and begin to heal whatever needs to be healed.

Children are instinctively drawn to crystals; they easily understand that they are things of nature, seen as intrinsically pure and capable of helping them. Crystal healing is completely safe for children, and can be effective.

What can my child expect when having a crystal healing session?

When a child comes for a crystal healing session, I show them all my healing stones and allow them to select those that appeal to them. Their intuition is key in their healing. I then incorporate these stones in my treatment plan. I listen to the child and their parent/guardian, and get a feel for what may be going on energetically with them, and decide which layout of stones is needed. Children are usually very curious about how crystals work. Often there is a continual dialogue between myself and the child throughout the treatment.

Crystal healings work quickly with children and are shorter than for adults, lasting 30 minutes. Their energy fields tend to be lighter and clearer than adults, and there is very little mental resistance. Even teenagers whose default attitude is resistance often relax in the presence of crystals.

How can I introduce crystals to my children in their day-to-day life?

Take them to a crystal shop and let the child choose a stone or several. If it feels right for  you, you can explain that it is a part of nature that has a soul called a Deva that they can talk to, and when they hold the stone or have it near them it can help them feel calm (putting it on their bedside table is perfect for this). If they have pain, they can put the stone where the pain is and ask it to help them.

Children’s literature is abound with stories of magic stones, and it is a small step for children to believe that stones have the ability to do seemingly miraculous things. If they also see the adults they trust using crystals and having them in their environments with the intention of purifying energy, it will become a normal part of their belief systems.

Susanne’s top three crystal recommendations for children:

1. Allow them to choose their own stones. They will unerringly select the stones that are right for them at that time. Being allowed to make their own choice will give them confidence and practice at tuning-in to their intuition.

2. Place crystals near where they sleep so that they are bathed in their energy for hours at a time, and often help them to relax and go to sleep.

3. Keep a bowl of chakra coloured crystals, i.e. one for each colour of the rainbow, and have the child pick one when they are troubled; their choice of colour will indicate which chakra is in need of support:

  • red – need for safety/grounding
  • orange – need for creativity and nurturing
  • yellow – fear/anxiety
  • pink/green – need for love
  • turquoise/light blue – fear of speaking their truth
  • indigo – over thinking/analysing
  • violet – need for spirituality/trust in spirit

This article was originally published in Happiful Magazine (Issue 67 2022). You can order print copies online, or read the e-magazine for free on the Happiful app

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Written by Kat Nicholls
Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.
Written by Kat Nicholls
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