Ask the expert: Deep tissue massage

Today we’re speaking to massage and holistic therapist, Outi Holmes about the benefits of deep tissue massage and the common reasons why people may seek treatment.

what is deep tissue massage
With more than 250 different variations of massage therapy available around the world, understandably, it can get a little confusing. This is why we want to take a closer look at the therapy, massage therapy has so many benefits and there are types to suit a variety of needs, from injury prevention and recovery, to relaxation.

What are some of the benefits of deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is one of the first (and in my opinion, most enjoyable) massage types I ever tried myself. This is what led me to become a specialist in pain management, providing sports massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage and reflexology.

It’s one of those treatments which can be performed for relaxation purposes, or for specific problems. Usually, the pace is slow and as the name of the treatment describes; the pressure is deep. I use fingers, elbows, knuckles, fists and my body weight to maintain deep and strong pressure. It’s fantastic for treating chronic muscle tension and it can break down scar tissue.

I will normally focus on only a few areas during treatment, as it may take time for muscles to ‘let go’ and relax. Some people experience a little discomfort when they are having a deep tissue massage, but more often than not, they describe this as a ‘good pain’.

I use slow strokes and encourage deep breathing, so often pain stays minimal.

What are the common concerns of the clients that come to you seeking help?

My clients come from all walks of life – I treat office workers, police officers, health professionals and fellow therapists. A deep tissue massage is often requested to treat shoulder and neck pain, headaches and migraines or lower back pain. I also treat athletes to help prevent injuries or to reduce post-exercise soreness.

One of my favourite, and often ignored, client group is pregnant women, I enjoy offering side-lying deep tissue pregnancy massage to ease pain and tension during the pregnancy.

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Written by Ellen Hoggard

Ellen is the Content Manager for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Ellen Hoggard

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