Three apps to become more Zen

With work, children, school, money and relationships, it is hard to find time to just sit still. But it really is important to take a moment to enjoy the peace and ensure you stay mentally healthy and happy. Electronics are also a part of our busy lives, but even technology is starting to notice our need to slow down.

apps to boost zen

There are now apps available to download that will help you find that much-needed quiet time. We have found our favourites:

For the sceptics

Headspace arrived in 2010 with one simple mission: “to teach the world to meditate so that everyone can live a happier, healthier life.” The Headspace ethos is built around focusing more, stressing less, smiling always and loving better.

They offer a free feature to get you started called “Take 10”. The challenge is to meditate for ten minutes a day over the course of ten days. After the user has completed the ten days, they are able to continue with a subscription. We have decided this is an app for the sceptics as it allows you to get a taster of meditation and the benefits it can bring, without any commitment.

For those who want a moment’s peace wherever they are

Buddhify is an app specifically designed to fit meditation around your daily life. Unlike other wellness apps, you do not need to be in a quiet space to complete the tasks. Buddhify takes into consideration anywhere you may feel stressed and lists a variety of activities suited to each situation.

The app has 80 custom options where you can use it at work, while eating or simply walking. You are able to choose the length of the meditation and while less comprehensive than other apps, this one is affordable and flexible.

For those who need to talk

7 Cups of Tea is a community-based app, free to sign up and is secure and anonymous to use. The focus of this app is to offer support to those who need to talk to someone, but cannot afford therapy or do not feel they have a supportive network at home.

The app relies on public volunteers or “listeners”. You are able to chat as a group or one-on-one. The listeners are put through an online course and are asked to complete a series of tests before being accepted.

7 Cups of Tea is all about community and building a supportive network for those who need it. The user doesn’t need to physically talk, just type out what they need to say and there will always be an active listener on the other side.

It is important to note that while the app trains its listeners, quality cannot be assured. Try to browse for highly rated members to ensure the advice is helpful.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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