Yoga for better posture

Regardless of why, living with poor posture can result in an increased risk of developing a range of issues. This could be a higher chance of athletic injury, or even a restricted lung capacity.

Whatever the cause, studies have found that movement can be the best solution for easing aching muscles. Yoga is one way you can strengthen, stretch and regularly move your joints and muscles.

But what poses are best for poor posture?

Plank pose

Poor posture can often derive from a weakened core. If you strengthen your core, you will be able to support the lengthening of your spine and open your shoulders better. The plank pose is effective in strengthening the core, shoulders and glutes.

Start on all fours, step your feet backward until your legs are outstretched. Make sure your hands are placed in line with your shoulders and push your torso away from the floor.

Upward facing dog

This pose aims to strengthen your back muscles while stretching out the shoulders, abdomen and chest. This pose helps to elongate the spine, supporting good posture.

From the plank pose, move so the tops of your feet are touching the ground. Ensure your hands remain in line with shoulders, pressing down while you lift your head and chest up toward the sky.

Wheel pose

The wheel pose aims to improve mobility in the spine and shoulders, while strengthening the back. By practising the wheel pose, your spine stretches to its natural alignment, reversing some of the damage caused by poor posture.

Lay on your back, put your feet to the ground but ensure you can reach the back of your heels with your fingers. Place your feet a hips width apart and keep the palms of your hands down on the ground, framing your ears with your fingers pointing to your heels. Press down into your feet, push on your hands and rise up into the full wheel backbend.

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Written by Ellen Hoggard

Ellen is the Content Manager for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Ellen Hoggard

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