Acupuncture for fertility

Therapy Directory has spoken to women’s health specialist, Michelle Mulliss from London Kent Acupuncture to discuss acupuncture for fertility.

The practise of acupuncture goes back thousands of years and is still used today. While the treatment is known to be effective in treating pain and symptoms related to chronic conditions, recent studies are finding more benefits in those experiencing infertility.

When trying to get pregnant, it can become very stressful which can in turn interfere with chances of conception for both men and women. Acupuncture is commonly used to treat stress and relieve feelings of anxiety, bringing a calmer mind and more balanced state of well-being.

According to the British Medical Journal, a study found acupuncture effective in helping with fertility. The study found that acupuncture had improved the chance of pregnancy by 65 per cent through assisted reproductive procedures, such as IVF.

Studies have also found that women partaking in acupuncture treatment saw a boost in ovulation and an improvement in the quality of eggs.

Many treatment programmes integrate concepts of both Western and Eastern medicine to ensure they have a “truly holistic” understanding, as well as using Chinese medicine methods to look at the functions and energetics of the body.

Acupuncture is often seen as a natural alternative to conventional fertility treatments. It is thought to be effective in reducing fertility problems such as irregular ovulation and is believed to help women maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Women’s health specialist, Michelle Mulliss from London Kent Acupuncture says, “We use Traditional Chinese Medicine theory in acupuncture and nutritional energetics. This is based on maintaining the hormone and nutrient balance in the women’s body.”

“We have found that our natural fertility and pregnancy rates are at 80 per cent success, with our assisted rates reaching 55 per cent. When you consider the age range of our assisted patients (35 to 47 years old), this result is very good.”

Michelle explains how the focus of acupuncture for natural fertility is to improve the endometrial lining and egg quality. While more research needs to be carried out, many patients have seen a positive outcome after receiving this treatment.

She continued to explain the focus of treatment once pregnancy is achieved, “During pregnancy we continue to use specific points to help enhance the baby’s development and only use the points that encourage this.”

Lately, there has been an increase of women opting for acupuncture as part of their birthing plan.

London Kent Acupuncture will be exhibiting at The Fertility Show at Kensington Olympia this weekend, November 7th to 8th at stand 81.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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