Morning rituals to have a great day

Making sure you have an enjoyable, organised morning routine can help transform you into a productive individual ready for the day ahead. Below are some of our favourite rules we try to follow every day:

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Ignore your phone

As tempting as it is to reach for your phone as soon as your alarm pings, you should try to wake up naturally. Drink a cold glass of water before you do anything else, after eight hours sleep your body is dehydrated and needs the boost.

Have a cool shower

Start the day with a cold shower, it will shock you and wake you up. Taking a shower with a cooler temperature will bring you back to the present moment, whereas a hot shower will make you feel lethargic and hazy.

Move your body

Try to practise yoga for five to 25 minutes in the morning. Establishing an exercise routine will allow you to tune and connect with your body, as well as awaken your muscles.

Eat breakfast

Having breakfast boosts productivity and energy levels, as well as preparing you for the day ahead. A healthy breakfast in the morning will boost your metabolism and stop you from snacking in the afternoon.

Even if you’re pushed for time, grab a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts to get your day started.

Set a daily goal

Write something down in your journal, phone or a post-it note at work. If you don’t want your goal written down, shout it out loud! Give yourself direction for the day with a positive mantra.

Get inspired

It is important to know what you are working for, why have you woken up today? Listen to positive music while sipping on a mug of green tea; detoxify your body whilst thinking about your aspirations.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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