Acupressure for allergy relief

You don’t have to practise all of these points for effective treatment, using just one or two of the following techniques can help you feel better. Some of the acupressure points thought to help relieve allergy symptoms include:

allergy relief

“Elegant mansion”

This is located in the hollow just below the collarbone, in the centre of your chest. This point is thought to help relieve allergies associated with breathing difficulties, asthma, sore throats, coughing and chest congestion.

“Crooked pond”

Located on the top, outer side of the elbow crease, this acupressure point is believed to relieve inflamed skin conditions, itching and fever.

“Three mile point”

This point is four finger-widths below the kneecap, on the outside of the leg. This is often targeted to strengthen the whole body.

“Heavenly pillar”

Half an inch below the base of the head, at the back of the neck, this point can help to relieve allergic reactions including exhaustion and headache.

“Bigger rushing”

Located on top of the foot, between the big toe and the second, this point is used to help relieve symptoms including bloodshot eyes and neuromuscular disorders.

“Outer gate”

You will find this point between the two bones on the top of the forearm, about a two finger-width down the wrist. Professionals will focus on this point to help strengthen the immune system.

“Sea of energy”

For relief of allergy symptoms including constipation, gas, fatigue and insomnia, the acupressure point located two finger-widths below the belly button is the focus.

“Joining the valley”

Please note, this is not recommended if you are pregnant. The stimulation of the acupressure point is thought to cause premature contractions.

This point is located in the webbing, between your index finger and thumb. This is believed to relieve a number of symptoms, including hay fever, headache and itching.

After completing your massage, it is advised to drink warm water to help detoxify the body.

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Written by Ellen Lees
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Written by Ellen Lees
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