Six ways to practise reflexology

Reflexology is a natural therapy that aims to stimulate the nerves that are connected to all the different organs in the body. Many of the reflexology techniques focus on massaging the palm of the hand or the foot.

acupressure basics

To practise this at home, you need to learn where the pain is, and where on your body the pressure needs to be added. You can either apply the pressure yourself or get somebody to do it for you.


To relieve the pains of a headache, the nerve zones on the bottom of the foot need to be focused on. To relax the neck, massage the big toe gently in circular motions, increase the pressure when reaching the tips of each toe to target the nerves connected with the head.


The wrist twist is a good technique to treat stress. Form a circle around your wrist, turning the other hand 15 – 20 times in a twisting motion.


Pressure on both the hands and feet can help digestion. Take hold of a tennis ball, locking your fingers around it and rub the bottom of your palm against it for one minute. For the feet, run the lower third of your foot gently on the bottom side.

Sleep disorder

To treat all sleep disorders, it is said that targeting the pituitary gland is the solution. On the tip of your middle finger, use the side of your nail to apply pressure. To focus on the foot, apply pressure on the middle of your big toe in the same way.

Cold and flu

Cold and flu symptoms are known to affect the nose, throat, chest and sinuses. Use the tip of your finger to massage above the knuckles. On the feet, apply pressure to the middle of the toes, the sides of your big toe and just above the ball of your foot.

Back pain

To relieve back pain, rub the bottom of your foot against the top of the foot, where it joins the leg. Using the hands, apply pressure on the bottom of your wrist with your thumb.

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Written by Ellen Lees
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Written by Ellen Lees
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