Do you need to start meditating?

How are you feeling today? – Stressed? Worried about something? Fed up?

Do you need to start meditating?

Rather than dwelling on these emotions and letting them ruin your day, you could give meditation a try.

This simple practice of taking yourself to a quiet place for five minutes, to shut your eyes and focus on your thoughts is one of the best things you can do to promote peace of mind and a sense of calm.

In fact, the benefits of meditation extend far beyond this immediate effect. Below we outline some of the key reasons why you need to start meditating today (and why you’ll never look back!).

Greater appreciation for everything 

Your appreciation for life and others will grow once you start meditating, as it will provide a never-ending sense of fulfillment. Living in the moment is a key element of the practice, and it empowers you to defragment your thoughts so you can make better sense of them and gain a different perspective of life.

Positive relationships and a deeper connection with others

The personal transformation that comes with meditation can completely change the way you connect with others – particularly your partner. Ongoing stress can contribute to relationship problems, but if you start incorporating meditation into your life you will be able to recognise and deal with stress before it impacts your relationships. Just by noticing how you are breathing can have an instant calming effect.

Better sleep 

The stress relief that comes with meditation can also improve your sleep. Recently a new practice named Beditation has become increasingly popular for treating sleep problems. According to the National Sleep Foundation, six in 10 of us in the UK are getting too little sleep, but beditation could help to reduce this statistic. By clearing your thoughts and finding focus before bed, you can ease away the stress of the day and prepare yourself for deep, restful sleep.

Career improvement

The focus, increased productivity and self-assurance gained from meditation can have significant benefits for your professional life. Executives at some of the biggest global companies such as Google and Target practice meditation regularly and find it particularly effective for helping them to make informed decisions and provide valuable input that can lead to success.

It can help treat asthma

If you suffer from asthma, committing yourself to meditation can provide effective relief from chest pain and breathing difficulties. Meditating involves listening to and controlling your breathing, and numerous studies have shown a link between the practice and fewer asthma attacks in patients.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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