Six ways to lasting happiness

When was the last time you felt truly happy and content with life and yourself? If you are struggling to remember, the New Year marks a great opportunity to make important changes for the future.

Six ways to lasting happiness

However, rather than overhauling big chunks of your life, often the key to greater happiness and health lies in the simplest of things.

Below we explore some of the smallest, yet most significant rituals you should consider trying to feel instantly more satisfied and content.

Say ‘I love you’ 

How often do you tell friends and family that you care for and value them? Saying ‘I love you’ on a regular basis may not seem essential, but it can make a big difference to your happiness and the happiness of others. Promise yourself you’ll say it at least once a day and notice the difference!

Write down your worries 

Sometimes you may be feeling down but may not know exactly why. Writing down your worries will not only help you to feel better but will allow you to identify exactly what is causing you so much anxiety and stress so you can remedy it.

Get a massage 

If painful joints are getting you down, seeking out a complementary therapy treatment such as a massage can help to soothe and relax aches and pains and boost your well-being. Find a therapist near you using our advanced search tool to book yourself an appointment now.

Treat yourself

Looking after yourself by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise is key for happiness, but you should remember to treat yourself every once in a while. Whether this means buying a new dress, laying-in instead of going for a run, or eating a chocolate brownie – make sure you savour your indulgence.

Get eight hours sleep a night

Lack of sleep can play havoc with mood and well-being, so aim to get plenty of rest at night by going to bed early and winding down with a book, some peaceful music or a bath in the evening. If you’re having trouble sleeping, herbalism can help to relieve symptoms of mild anxiety and ultimately aid better sleep.

Take up a new hobby

Trying something new, such as a dance class, cookery class or swimming is a great opportunity to get active, meet new people and have a good time. If you have always wanted to try reiki or reflexology for example, now is the time to give it a go and learn something new!

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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