Six ways to fight fatigue

Mental or physical fatigue is a normal reaction to overworking yourself. Perhaps you have been staying later at the office, pushing yourself harder at the gym or spending all of your spare time looking after your family. Some lifestyle changes can reduce tiredness and even fatigue associated with specific chronic conditions.

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1. Don’t ignore your body.

Instead of ignoring your fatigue, search for a natural remedy that will work for you. Although caffeine will temporarily boost your energy levels, it isn’t the best answer and won’t correct the underlying problem.

2. Try to get enough sleep.

Sleep needs vary from person to person, but on average a good eight hours sleep is what’s advised. Try to plan your night’s sleep, refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks in the afternoon, late night eating and alcohol consumption before bed time.

3. Say ‘No’.

Saying ‘no’ can be very difficult if you want to please everyone. Sometimes however, for your own good, it’s best to learn how. Try practising in front of the mirror first and then implement it in a real situation.

4. Meditate.

Meditating regularly can be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Pranic meditation, using visualisation and breathing techniques, has been predominantly effective in reducing stress and fatigue.

5. Physical activity.

A moderate amount of physical exercise energises, relieves stress and promotes sleep at night. Even for chronic illnesses, exercise has anti-fatigue effects, but gaining medical clearance before you start is advised.

6. Try herbal remedies

For a long time herbs have been used to fight fatigue and stress. Research suggests that Asian and American ginseng can help fight fatigue in such chronic diseases as cancer. Other herbs that act similarly are eleuthero, cordyceps, schisandra and rhodiola. These herbs can help us reduce fatigue and cope with stress.

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Written by Ross East
Written by Ross East
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