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Six signs that Christmas is contributing to your stress

Six signs that Christmas is contributing to your stress

The holiday season is supposed to be the best time of year, but there you are preparing dinner days in advance and battling through hundreds of shoppers to get last minute presents. Are your Scrooge feelings normal or are there better ways to handle the holidays? Check off the following statements to assess your level of stress.

1. “Not another party…”
Are you so tired that parties just aren’t fun anymore?

2. “If I don’t make this meal the best they’ve ever had, my family will be disappointed.”
Do you worry that if you don’t pull out all the stops, your friends and family will be let down?

3. “There’s so much to do but so little time to do it.”
Do you feel like the holiday period is burying you?

4. “I hate Christmas music!”
Are you finding it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit with the same songs on repeat every day?

5. “I forgot to buy stamps again. Why do I even bother sending cards anyway?”
Are you becoming resentful or regretful?

6. “I wish January would hurry up.”
Are you secreting hoping for January to come round to get back to normality?

If you ticked off two or more of these then you have got seasonal overstress. Here are some proven tactics to enjoy the season without freaking out.

Get a massage.
Heal all the aches and pains of late night shopping and Christmas dinner cooking with a massage. It will help you relax and unwind after a jam packed holiday period.

Be realistic about family fun.
Instead of aiming for a big happy family, aim for a big calm family. Organise activities for times when things aren’t planned, let people relax with a film or go for a walk. If you’re visiting family, it might be useful to have an escape plan ready if things get too much.

The thought does count.
Don’t shop ‘til you drop. Remember the thought actually does count – it’s not about the number of presents nor the value.

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Ross East

Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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