Are you living on autopilot?

We have all heard the phrase ‘truly living’, but how many of us are actually doing just that?

Four things that could be making you ill

While for many truly living means going on big adventures and acting spontaneously, what it actually means is adhering to one simple truth – being able to die without any regrets. This involves appreciating life and making the most of every single opportunity that comes your way, rather than accepting an unfulfilling lifestyle of dreams that will never be.

You only have one life, so if you are worried you are not truly living and enjoying every single moment, here is a guide to help you make this important transition:

Don’t let negative people hold you back

Negative people will not respond positively to any big decisions or changes in your life, and rather than supporting you are more likely to point out reasons why things won’t work. If you want to enjoy your life and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, you need to avoid negative people.

Ignore self-limiting beliefs

We all struggle with self-limiting beliefs such as doubt, fear and other negative thoughts that make us question our abilities and existence. Letting these get to you will prevent you from living life to the full, so find ways to conquer them and feel more confident about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Take action on your dreams 

If you spend your days dreaming about all the amazing things you want to do, but don’t make any attempt to go out and achieve them, then you are bound to end up feeling regretful. If you’ve always wanted to do an evening course, go to Rome, or try skydiving, there is no better day than today to pursue these dreams and make them a reality.

Don’t choose stuff over experiences

It may be tempting to indulge in retail therapy and stock up on the latest fashions and technologies, but when you look back on life these materialistic items will be irrelevant compared to the experiences you enjoyed. While there’s nothing wrong with having nice things, they shouldn’t replace your desire to truly live.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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