Herbs to heal your mind and body

 Herbs to heal your mind and body Discover the natural healing properties of herbs that have been used for thousands of years.

When you think of healthcare, prescription medicines typically come to mind.

While these are essential for helping to address a number of health problems and for alleviating troublesome symptoms, for every prescription treatment there is also a plant, herb or other natural substance offering similar benefits.

Below we explore some of the most useful healing herbs that have been used for thousands of years to revitalise and replenish the mind and body:

Please note, whenever considering alternative and complementary therapies for healthcare, it is important to seek professional advice first. 

Ginger for nausea

Ginger has been shown to help ease nausea – particularly motion sickness. Specialists recommend chewing ginger gum before nausea sets in (i.e. before boarding a plane), and drinking ginger-infused herbal teas that contain the root on a regular basis.

Chamomile for restful sleep 

Some studies show that chamomile can help to encourage sleep, and it can be found in a number of herbal teas that market themselves as sleep-inducing. It is thought the relaxing qualities of chamomile help to soothe anxiety which is a common culprit of disturbed sleep.

Ginseng for energy

Ginseng root has shown effectiveness in fighting fatigue and is also thought to help reduce stress, improve vitality and boost the immune system. Although it can be found in various energy drinks, ginseng can also be taken in capsule form.

Liquorice for a sore throat 

Not to everyones taste, liquorice is a common ingredient in herbal teas that is considered highly effective for soothing a sore throat. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also thought to help alleviate stomach ulcers and allergies. Due to the naturally sweet taste of liquorice, some people prefer to gargle with a liquorice root solution rather than drink it in a tea.  

Lavender for stress and tension

Scientific evidence shows that lavender is beneficial for relieving stress and tension, and there are a number of aromatherapy products, including oils, lotions and herb pouches that allow you to incorporate the scent into your daily routine.

Cinnamon to control blood sugar

People with type 2 diabetes are thought to benefit a great deal from adding cinnamon to their diets, as it has been shown to help manage blood sugar levels. Cinnamon can be added to a variety of foods and beverages, and can also be purchased in capsule form.

If you are interested in herbal remedies, take a look at our herbalism page for more information. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall
Written by Tamara Marshall
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