Hay fever symptoms impacting way of life

Hay fever impacting way of life New research highlights how hay fever can make life incredibly stressful for sufferers.

A study conducted by leading national medical charity, Allergy UK has found that hay fever can seriously impact the lives of sufferers – causing a great deal of distress.

According to the charity’s findings, 89% of people who have hay fever will be unable to carry out their daily routines without their symptoms causing problems.

Sleepless nights were also highlighted as a complication of hay fever symptoms, with 87% of those surveyed admitting that they struggle to sleep soundly.

It is estimated that 18 million people in the UK have a summertime allergy and the months of June and July are particularly bad because the grass pollen levels peak at this time of year.

Common symptoms that hay fever sufferers will experience include frequent sneezing, watering and/or itchy eyes, a dry itchy throat and mouth, as well as a blocked or runny nose.

Although allergy tablets such as antihistamines can help to relieve symptoms, allergies cannot be completely eliminated. As a result sufferers will attempt to find ways of managing their symptoms to reduce the impact they have on their day-to-day lives.

Complementary therapies in particular can have a positive effect on hay fever symptoms, and Allergy UK actually recommends a number of different types including acupuncture, aromatherapy and homeopathy.

Significantly a number of these alternative therapies promote relaxation and help to reduce stress, which can further improve the lives of those with hay fever symptoms.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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